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Something Completely Different, Part 2
Sun May 10, 2009 1:27pm (XFF:

"Suck it, rich man!!"

The words echoed in Lexander's head as he watched the security guards haul Whitman away, still sputtering a variety of unintelligible yet colorful curses.

"What do you want done with him?" a uniformed security commander in the booth near Lexander asked, after Whitman was safely out of earshot.

"Just throw him out on the street, and confiscate his ticket. Try to keep it low key--he seems to want attention, so I'd rather not help him acquire it," Lexander said, sounding bored and casually unwrapping a small butterscotch candy.

"As you wish sir," the security commander said, giving a curt nod of affirmation before relaying the orders over his wrist communicator.

Lexander popped the butterscotch into his mouth, the sweet creamy flavor almost perfectly masking the bitterly acrid taste of the activation compound. When he had a brief moment unobserved, he popped the crumpled wrapper in his mouth and swallowed that as well. No sense in leaving any evidence behind.

He sat back in his plush seat to watch the first events unfold, knowing that in mere moments the chemicals would reach his brain, activating the reciever. If all had gone well, Whitman's device would begin beaming encrypted combat data directly into his subconscious.

Lexander grinned to himself at the perfection of the plan. By the time his turn in the arena came up, he would have near complete battle data on on every single combatant in the tournament. Even better, the maneuvers and techniques to counter each of them would be buried in his subconscious, such that he wouldn't even need to think before acting.

The best part though was that he had deniability. For even if Whitman's device were discovered, who could possibly tie it back to Lexander? Whitman's services had been contracted in cash and via an intermediary, who was even now decomposing in the Delta City waste dump. Whitman had no idea that his message of suck it, rich man was a literal suggestion, delivered directly to the man awaiting it.

Yes, this was indeed perfect. Soon, Lexander Morningstar would be able to retire comfortably, with a championship title as well as the substantial cash prize to ensure a comfortable quality of life.

So very, very perfect.

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