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Erica vs. Maeko
Mon May 11, 2009 5:07pm (XFF:

Erica tapped her foot impatiently, watching the timer click down towards zero, which would signal that the arena was ready for the next battle. She had made it far enough in the tournament that virtual environments were being created, and this counter was the time left for it to be built. She gave another check over her pistols even though she knew they were still in perfect condition. The tournament had been a disappointment for her so far, as she hadn’t had to use any weapon other than her pistols. Her last opponent had decided to let her take the first shot, and when she put a round in the wall on either side of his head the guy had nearly wet himself before giving up. To get the notice she wanted, she would need better opponents.

Finally, a bell dinged, letting her know she could enter the tunnel. She took a deep breath, thinking back to what T.R. had told her when he had appeared in the tunnel last time by surprise. “What good is a military history like mine if it doesn’t come with a few perks?”

Erica stopped for a moment. Yes T.R. had said that, but that wasn’t what she meant to remember. “Forget the lights and audience and focus on your opponent. They’re here because they think they’re better and you need to prove them wrong.” That was the one.

Confident now, she continued her trek, stopping in front of the doors to the arena. Her eyes closed as the doors swung open, focusing herself on what she needed to do. As she stepped out her eyes opened, spotting her opponent, keeping her focus there even as the arena filled with trees, barely even noticing the introductions.

”…from the red door, a relative newcomer to the Freelance Reploids, Maeko. Let’s see if she can continue the organization’s winning streak.” From what Erica could see, there was a sniper on the Reploid’s back and two beam sabers handles. Erica’s rifle was likewise on her back, her pistols in her hands, and the dagger hidden away.

”And from the blue door, Erica Tenker, from the world famous Tenker family of performers. She put on a great show last time, but can she do the same against a real fighter?” Erica wanted to roll her eyes at the comment, but remained concentrating on Maeko as the noise dimmed away.

At the sound of the bell, the Reploid pulled out a hidden gun and fired at Erica, who was already sprinting to the nearest tree, firing off two quick shots back. She felt the round brush against the fabric of her sleeve just before reaching her hiding spot. The human focused, surrounding herself with her magic, cloaking herself from sight. She hadn’t noticed any kind of sensory equipment on the Reploid, so this should give her an advantage.

Erica dashed from the tree to a nearby one, trying to keep an eye out for her opponent. Catching her breath, she glanced around the tree but spotted no movement. She took off at a run for another tree when a brief flash of light caught her eye. She dove behind the tree as the sound of Maeko’s rifle reached her ears, the round taking off a bit of tree bark right next to her arm. Erica quickly leaned back around the tree, firing two more shots towards the light. The Reploid moved faster than she expected, dodging as Erica emptied a clip, scoring only barely glancing blows, and returned fire with another rifle round.

Ducking back behind the tree, Erica tried to figure out how the other sniper knew where she was. She still hadn’t noticed any sensor equipment. Pulling out the empty clip on the pistol, a small object attached to her sleeve caught her attention. She stared at it a moment before realizing it was a tag. Maeko had been tracking her after that first shot, and her cloaking didn’t jam signals. Ripping of that portion of her sleeve, she got an idea. She placed the tag at the base of the tree and covered it up in the dirt, then quickly moved away, standing out in the open.

Sure enough, the Reploid didn’t fire on her. Grinning that she really had the advantage now, she moved in the last direction she had spotted Maeko, and found her slowly stalking towards where Erica had buried the tag. Walking up behind the sniper, she decloaked as she pressed the barrel of the Desert Eagle to the back of her head. Maeko froze for a moment then relaxed, knowing this round was over.

NRP: I know the setup is longer than the actual fight, but I hope this still works.

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