Zeo Grey
An Upset 2
Tue May 12, 2009 2:10am (XFF:

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Signus crossed his arms and 'hrmphed' into his beard. He had bet a substantial amount on Grim Ittou and it was galling to have lost it due to missing information and pure chance.

Delacroix primly folded his soft cloth and stowed it away before picking up his PDA and pulling up the stats on the next two contestants enjoying the glow of his intellectual victory over a rival mega corporation CEO.

  • An Upset 1Zeo Grey, Tue May 12 2:08am
    Maeko sighed and inclined her head to Erica, signaling the end of the match. Both contestants swiftly removed themselves from the field as the medics looked on, for once not having a heavily wounded... more
    • An Upset 2 — Zeo Grey, Tue May 12 2:10am
      • General KnowledgeHilton, Thu May 14 5:33pm
        Delacroix smirked to himself as he checked the information. "Another hot tip I don't know about?" Signus half mumbled. "No, not exactly. Both combatants are fairly new and we don't have a lot of... more
        • Goldielocks and the Big Bad BearVier, Fri May 22 7:03pm
          Zeo Grey made his way back to the ready room lounge for his block, already given a clean bill of health by the busy medical workers of the Iron Hand tournament. One of the other block's matches was... more
          • The Hat TrickKail, Fri May 29 3:35am
            Synthetic blood splattered wetly as the reploid gladiator known as Kremlin bodyslammed his opponent onto the arena floor. Applause erupted from the titillated crowds as he then drove a knife into the ... more
          • FirestormLiska, Fri May 29 3:07am
            Liska sat in the lounge on the sofa with the other FR mercs and contestants, nervously watching the other FR consents go at the other mercenaries that signed up. She actually wasn't too bent over... more
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