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Liska sat in the lounge on the sofa with the other FR mercs and contestants, nervously watching the other FR consents go at the other mercenaries that signed up. She actually wasn't too bent over shape. Unlike the off the wall Bassmaster, Liska had some composure to herself, and was acting fairly calm about this, as being on a few missions with the FR knocked a lot of the before battle fear and panic out of her.

"Liska and Dross." It's your turn next. The announcement came from a rather prim and overdressed attendant in a uniform that spoke volumes of the over the top decadence of the tournament. Liska got up and walked over to the man quietly.

"Don't mess her up too bad." Came a voice over from the bar.

"ZEO!", Liska shouted. But Zeo did not as much flinch at the loud remark. Turning around, she faced the hulk that was Dross.

"Well, then Lass. Let's get this over with quick, eh?" Dross said, hefting his ax to perch on his shoulder. Following him, Liska was unusually energetic in her stride and march to the gate, although the falling of her feat and the pose of her upper body was a bit unnaturally stiff for her.

Completely absorbed in her own thoughts, she barely noticed her own arrival at the gate that lead to the arena. After almost hitting her forehead on the door, she backed up and looked around at all the mostly barren walls, the only thing that appeared otherwise was a single, but detailed and sizeable computer terminal. Walking over to the softly glowing terminal, she quickly let her eyes roll over the display and controls. It appeared to be the terrain field selector for the match. Quickly browsing though the standard selection of arenas, she got into the more detailed and complicated set-ups. Quickly finding a set up she liked, she hit the button and moved back to the gate, she hoped she got it in time before the spectators got to decide.

Waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the imposing gate finally opened up. Liska's legs tensed up, frozen in place from the sudden realization that this was the largest concentration of people she'd had ever seen in one spot, and more shockingly, they were all focused on her, quickly breaking out of that train of thought she quickly jogged into place among the large operating machinery that was spaced around her to look like a factory.

"It's time for some Destruction!" The announcer proclaimed in an enthusiastically cheer to rile up the crowd.

"In the Red Corner, another contestant from the Freelance Repliods, 'Fire Angel' Liska! In The Blue corner we got Da' man Dross! The titan of terror!"

Liska saw the opponent on the other side of the field of battle, clenching his axe and ready for battle.

"FIGHT!" The announcer yelled and the green light showed up to signal the beginning of the fight. The gates dropped and Liska was then free to bring her shotgun to bear as the giant axe man dropped into a charge and ran over to her.

Switching to plasma fire, she let lose one plasma shot after another. The first one went flying over his right shoulder as he ducked and went into a short roll. The next one hit his upper front armor as he slowed up when going from a roll into a run again barely leaving any mark. The next two also hit the same spot but like the first shot to this spot, the damage was limited. Liska cringed at the realization that his armor was going to absorb a lot of firepower before giving in. While she could try to get into a slugging match, her armor, while almost just as strong, was more in the form of partial plate than the standard full body / second skin type employed by most.

By the time the 5th shot came to impact his armor on his upper right arm Dross almost had covered half of the arena, while she could try to pile on the fire, if he got too close, she'd have no room to maneuver or try any tricks without him noticing. Firing the last 3 shots she had at him with the buster-like mode of the energy shotgun, she eyed up the machinery on her right. The three shots missed since she wasn't focusing at aiming, but they still sailed fairly close to him. Yes, he was a veteran of the desert sands and would ignore the incoming fire for the most part, but she still had to try to put up as much of a fight with this guy as possible.

As soon as the last shot hit, she threw the gun over her shoulder and ran to her left. She looked side to side as she heard him charging in closer, apparently so he wouldn't lose track of her. Various machines of all different purposes lined the valley of metal. She looked side to side trying to find one that could have some use to her.

Arriving at an intersection, she found a large spool of steel cable winding around some pulleys. Turning around, she saw that Dross had been hiding his true speed as he was no more then 20 feet away from her Axe raised as he crouched down, ready to dash into her and bring his ax down on her full force.

Quickly dropping a grenade and dashing to the side, she only escaped a second before the ax came down where here head was. Dross easily picked the axe blade up and fluidly moved to once again bring the deadly Omnium log cleaver down on his opponent. Only partway up, Liska kicked herself back into a backward roll, and was able to bring herself up into a standing position. Dross noticed this and now realizing how more agile this fore was, adjusted his aim and thus swing to deliver a fast, but still powerful swing at her head from the side.

Before the ax could reach half way in the swing Liska detonated the C4 grenade she dropped earlier. The grenade detonated right next to him behind a pulley. The blast knocked him forward, causing him to overshoot his target. Swinging and cleaving a metal support beam in half while the now broken cable wiped across his helmet. Liska got hit with a piece of shrapnel to the forehead, but the armor protected her from any damage. Turning around, she saw Dross get up, with only a course line on exposed steel armor on his helmet. His face showed a dark grin as he quickly got to his feat while hefting his ax in a unusual upward slice, catching the front of Liska's armor and putting a huge gash in it. The blade missed her nose and chin by mere millimeters. As the dense ax carried it upwards climb, Liska swung her shotgun out in front of her, she switched to shell mode and slammed fired a rapid 5 shot barrage at his head, all the shots found their mark, but the only result was a few minor dents in his helmet.

Bringing his ax down to the side, he used it as a counter-weight to bring his right leg up and into Liska's upper leg, knocking her down. Bringing his right arm into a fist, he brought it charging into Liska's face. Liska quickly brought her shotgun to point at his face, three shots rang out as three led slugs traveled down the barrel and into his left eye, quickly batting the shotgun out of Liska's hand, he brought his ax down but missed and landed an inch from Liska's face. Freeing herself from this bad spot, she pushed out from under him and grabbed her shotgun as she moved back. Fully standing up she ran down the path in between the machines and came up into a otherwise open area. Looking up, she saw a large steel vat holding a large sum of molten steel. Turning around, she tossed a grenade at the crane arm supporting it. Dross was already right behind her, ax in hand. Detonating the C-4, the large batch of molten steel and the vat came crashing down on Dross's head. The impact forced him down, and the molten steel splattered all over the area.

Liska, aware that the match wasn't called quickly looked around to see what else she could use, the only thing she found was a giant pool of liquid nitrogen and a boom for moving stuff in and out of the bath. Quickly loading her shotgun, she turned to face the now white hot Dross and his flaming ax of death. Liska tried to doge but Dross was skilled enough to tackle her to the ground, Ax ready to cleave her head in twain. Just as the Ax began it's descent, a shot rang out and the crane swept over Liska, knocking Dross into the frigid substance. Tossing in her last three C-4 packs, she detonated them when she figured they were close by to him.

Seconds pastů the vitals monitors for Dross fell flat. He was still alive in a sense, but the shockwave of the C-4 dept charges on his now brittle armor tore it apart, and crushed his insides. He would live, that was for sure, but not today.

"And the winner is Liska!" The announcer cried out to the admiration of the many spectators, their bloodlust only part-way satisfied as they cheered the end of a particularly brutal match.


Delacroix watched as Liska walked into the entrance she came out before. He didn't know anything off hand about her, only that she was a member of the FR. Looking at his PDA, he quickly started to gather informationů

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