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Another day in the life
Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:29pm

A stick slowly smoking in an urn nearby drifted lazily upward, filling the room with the scent of dragons blood. Behind that a stereo softly played a mix of metal and folk music, the harmony of the two probably lost to everyone but the man at the work bench. Taking a deep breath he poured over his work, pencil in hand. The grid of paper was almost full, but like anything you should not turn away until finished, less you lose your place and make it harder again.

From the door you could see the whole room, it was standard issue to the humans of the Freelance Reploids. One footlocker, one bed, one work bench, a few storage units, a small closet. However that is where the similarities ended. Every place not taken up by some spare part was taken by a poster or a picture. The sweet scent barely overpowered the smell of ozone from the main areas, but it did. The music was able to be heard just outside the door, but once in the room it filled it.

Slung over the back of the chair where Amiril sat was his usual brown leather duster. The large pockets, the belt, everything would make even hardcore Western enthusiasts give a second glance. Amiril claimed it was a family heirloom and who knows it probably was, he found it in the attic at age 16 and had kept it ever since. Inside his closet he had a wide array of clothing, everything from a pair of running shoes, to a full tuxedo, down to a pair of cowboy boots. Everything was neatly arranged, even a few full outfits were together for formal occasions, or an sudden call to arms.

On the bed lay Amiril’s most constant companion. Sleek, perfectly formed, the perfect weight, Amiril knew he could hold her all night. Looking over he did steal a glance, his eyes running from top to bottom. This quick inspection led to a blemish on her butt. Moving from his seat he grabbed a rag and rubbed the spot quickly removed that stain from his otherwise perfect eye candy. At that point he noticed he hadn’t left the her open as usual. Running his fingers slowly up the side he grabbed the knob and gave a sharp tug. Not protest as the bolt opened and revealed the firearm was empty and powered down. A shake of his head before he returned to his work.

Touching the remote next to his hand the music changed over into straight heavy metal, and a small smile played on the lips of the young man, it was one of his favorite songs, and he swore the radio was possessed to always play it first, even on a randomized CD. Without thinking his hand went to his forehead and ran along his scarlet headband. Following it to his temple he gave himself a short tap to remind him to finish his work. Flopping back into his chair he began to write the figures in again.

The incense burned, the music played, and he worked. An hour passed, the incense finally played out and the music had been changed again. Finishing, Amiril placed the pencil down and stood leaned back listening to his spine pop in rhythm. Stepping into his combat boots he sat down on the edge of the bed and laced them through tightly. Checking his wrists he found his “tools” to be comfortable, and easily concealed under the sleeves of his shirt. Donning his duster, he slung his rifle over his shoulder, planning to hit the range. In the footlocker he grabbed a box of shells, dropping them into his pocket. In truth, he just needed something that was metal that would fit in the bolt compartment, but he still preferred a standard .50 caliber shell, as sometimes the power would explode due to rapid compression on a good hit.

Opening the door he stepped out, looking much like a modern day cowboy, minus the hat. Looking back to his work bench he sighed as the door closed and he locked it.

“Need to remember to pick up another Sudoku book now,” Amiril stated with a grin as he moved off to the range.

    • Continuationamirilstarsetter, Thu Jun 25 5:39am
      Click. Snap. “Range is now hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock, so clear it,” The utter enjoyment in his voice would have been creepy if some of the range helpers hadn’t already met and ... more
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