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Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:39am



“Range is now hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock, so clear it,” The utter enjoyment in his voice would have been creepy if some of the range helpers hadn’t already met and talked to Amiril. They knew that he was here to genuinely enjoy himself. Even though he was relatively new to the scene here, he was already making friends. In fact, he was already looking for people to shoot with in his favorite shooting game.

“Hey anyone got a deck of cards,” He turned slowly a smile displayed on his lips. In his deep jade eyes a mischievous grin twinkled inside. Looking to his left someone held up a pack of Bicycle and he grabbed it. His favorite game of all times was Range Poker. Run the cards out with their back facing the shooter, everyone takes turns taking a few shots and when the cards come back we see who has won. More random, and when you put a 3 second timer on moving cards, it got even better.

Handing them over to the range attendant Amiril turned and smiled at all the young men and reploids, other rookies, looking at him. They all knew already that if he was looking around with a smile it was good or bad, probably both depending on who they were. Hands disappearing into the deep pockets of his duster soon returned with a wallet, beaten and torn leather. Pulling out a few crumpled bills he laid them next to his rifle, one hand falling lovingly on the stock.

“Two hundred bucks,” He said laughing as he took his seat to look down range, talking over his shoulder to the rookies gathering around him. One hand mechanically flipped up the scope’s covers, slide the bolt back and laid the rounds out and flicked the safety off. Eyes stared up and down the length of the firearm, the only one of its kind. On the outside it looked like a sleeker, slightly higher tech .50 cal rifle. Standard scope, some extra length on the barrel and slightly thicker too, but other than that it looked like the one right next to it one table down. Dragging his hand down the stock the stock his thumb flicked a small switch powering the weapon up. No sound, no lights, nothing revealed what is truths lie under the metal, the rails being charged. Truthfully, it only took a moment to power up, and could be kept on for quite some time before needing more charging, but why waste it. Glancing he saw a few people reaching for their wallets.

“Per hand, winner takes all, We will play for as long as we have a deck,” He took his seat, and four others took seats near him, laying their rifles out and their money. Watching he slide one of the shells into the bolt and closed it. The others did the same and looked at him. They wanted him go first.

“Start ‘er up,” He yelled to the attendant as he slipped foam ear plugs in. The others followed suit and he watched as the system of wires began moving the now hanging cards. Some were only one hundred yards away, others as far as two thousand. If there was anything Amiril would ever miss about the Reploids base, it was this range, and well maybe some of the crazy shit he had already seen. “I'll go first each one of you has a three seconds to hit your card, one shot and in order from me, we will have them picked up and you can see your hand.”

A slow intake of breath and the cards started their dance, sighting down the scope Amiril picked on in the very back, squeezing the trigger slowly. The resulting shockwave of sonic energy rippled, and even with the plugs in it could deafen, so far though it hadn’t bothered Amiril in the least. In fact, he was music to him one could say, if they were being a melodramatic crackpot.

The noise obviously rocked the reploid next to him, they kid didn’t even take a shot, but the one next to him did, and so on down the line. Chambering another round Amiril waited his turn. When it came up he picked his next card, happy to see that the small retrieval units had already brought him his first “kill”.

“Aces high and I am feeling lucky,” He said, and again the rifle sung its song.

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