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Operation Beatdown is a Go!
Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:57pm

Cocker stepped uncertainly into the semi-darkened office of Giles, the Freelance Reploids' accountant. The man was something of a mystery around the base. Most mercs considered him to be nothing more than a stick-in-the-mud accountant who had once been shot by an angry employer thus acquiring the infamous limp. The young Ranger-class reploid thought differently on the matter. He was sure Giles had been something altogether different in his youth.

“You would be Cocker yes?” The reploid's dry tone snapped Cocker from his reverie and he nervously smiled and nodded. Giles' eyes narrowed and he busied himself with his calculator for a brief moment. “Late.” He noted after a moment.

Cocker checked the chronometer built into his gauntlet. He was less than a second. “Ah...sorry about that sir.”

“Indeed.” Giles pulled a file from the neat shelf of them behind his desk and handed it to Cocker. “The Olea Company has refused payment. I want you to put together a team and teach them the error of their ways. When you have your team assembled report to the garage. Skybaron will be waiting with a transport.”

Cocker's eyes widened. He was being given command of a team of mercenaries. It was a dream come true for the relatively young reploid. Ever since joining he had wanted to advance through the ranks similarly to his oft-denied hero Axel. “A-absolutely!” Giles, having buried his face in the finances looked up in annoyance to see that Cocker was still there and made a shoo-ing gesture. The young Ranger caught the hint and departed, heading for Sarge's office down the hall. Halfway there he changed direction and headed for the massive pile of cinder blocks set at a far corner of the FR's unused parade ground.

Sure enough Sarge's massive green form could be seen shouting orders and waving arms thicker than Cocker's thighs at sweating young mercs as they lugged cinder blocks from the unorganized pile to pallets where they were stacked with care to be set in the FR's massive garage by Auger, a rogue Omega Tank made legendary by their part in the Maverick Wars and the massacre that ended the line long years ago.

Walking up to Sarge Cocker snapped off a salute, the ancient war-bot was idiotically strict about such matters and it wouldn't hurt Cocker's case to start off on the grizzled veteran's good side. After the salute Cocker fell to attention and waited...and waited...and waited. It was a good ten minutes before Sarge bothered to turn towards the ranger and give him a long once over with an expression of apathetic disgust that would have been apparent to even a blind man.

“What do you want rookie?” The green war-bot finally growled, his voice akin to a giant grinding two boulders against each other.

“Ah...I have to put together a team for an assignment and I was wondering if you might have any suggestions...Sir.” Cocker launched another salute then held out the folder for Sarge's inspection. That worthy took the proffered file and flipped through it at far beyond speed-reading speed. With a grunt he closed it and handed it back to Cocker.

“Well boy. I'd say y'need at least a sniper and an ordinance man. Maybe a Heavy if you can find one that'll work on the cheap.” Cocker nodded and thanked the back of Sarge's head as he had already turned to yell at a rookie that had dropped a cinder block, shattering it.

As a newbie commander, Cocker's first stop was to Comp Central, the layman name for the computer core of the Freelance Reploids. There, with the help of a reploid coder named Jael, he looked up the profiles of several new mercenaries and put together several profiles that might compose what he thought would be a fine team.

Then of course, he hit Wade's to search out the members of his team and see if they were available for hire.

In the gloom of the bar the small tablet PC Cocker was using cast his face in an eerie blue glow that only a couple of the newest recruits noticed. The rest of the mercenaries were well into their cups and some had even begun an impromptu siesta.

Looking around Cocker checked the picture on his tablet against the shadow-swathed features of a figure huddled at the bar. If it hadn't been for the fact that he wore a brown duster instead of the nearly regulation black and a glimpse of red above his temples Cocker would have passed right over Amiril. Striding up to the human Cocker looked down at his tablet then up at the human's face, using the back-lighting of the tablet as a flashlight of sorts.

“You Amah-real?” He asked, sounding the name out with some difficulty.

Humans and their weird names...

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