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And the boredom ends
Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:35am

The whir of the pulleys reeling the cards back to the shooters was quickly drowned out by the chatter of the crowd that had gathered to watch the show. Leaning on the shooting bench, Amiril’s smile was beaming. Around him some of the other rookies were asking to inspect his rifle, where he learned to shoot, what his favorite scope was. The chatter was deafening as the range attendant handed the five cards to the respective shooter that had marked them after the retrieval units had gotten them back.
“Geez guys, you’re all talking faster than you shoot, if you have questions we can talk over at Wade’s, the deck is gone already.” Spread among the shooting benches lay two thousand dollars total, all of it riding on one hand. Usually you don’t get a turn out like this for a new game, but he could already see some of the others gathered around heading towards the base shop for more cards. Already a mark left, and now this range would see even more love, and a deck of cards would be like a pack of smokes to inmates. Looking down at his hand he gave a small smile, two rookies had already thrown their hands into the trash.
“Well Gents what all do we have,” Amiril yelled as he folded the cards into his hand, the holes of each shell perfectly in the center. Yells we up of pairs, a few high cards, even one lucky full house. Each time a laugh resounded from Amiril, a smile and a hearty clap on the shoulder of the shooter. He was having the time of his life. Finally he laid his cards out one at a time.
“Royal flush, you know, this is the first time I have gotten this lucky, almost like this was a movie or some sort of thing. But no matter how it happened,” he laughed as he scooped up the bills and looked over the entourage that surrounded him, happy to see no sour faces,” DRINKS ARE ON ME TO WADES!”
The resounding hooray could be heard throughout the whole base more than likely. What better way to build an unstoppable fighting force, let them all drink together and build unit cohesion then train them to death, only to repeat it the next day. Placing the loose bills in his duster pocket Amiril turned and flipped down the scope’s lens covers. The others did the same, cleaning up their spent casings, cleaning and checking their rifles quickly, eager to not be the last to Wade’s. Amiril flipped the power switch and knew already his rifle was ready for transport. Flipping the Sonic rifle over his shoulder, Amiril lead the march towards Wade’s.
“Ya, I didn’t really take up any special way of shooting. Its just natural I swear, some learn piano without much help, I learned to shoot.” The barrage of questions continued until they hit the parade grounds. Instantly everyone went quiet, not wanting to draw the attention of Sarge. They got lucky, his attention was to some statue of a rookie in a held salute as Sarge read a file. A shake of his head as Amiril just moved back on. He could never do that, be so rigid that is. He had done the basic stuff already, did it well and without complaint, he could be just like any soldier when he needed to be. Thankfully that wasn’t that often in a mercenary company. The second the parade grounds were behind them the conversation started up again quickly, dozens of questions and the target was mostly the rifle now. One of a kind tends to do that.
“Sorry to disappoint guys, but I don’t talk about my baby here like that, I would be happy to help ya with the standard rifles and lazers, but Kendra here is off limits.”Patting the rifle as he spoke, his smile not even fading the whole march, save when Sarge was close enough to hear or see the parade. “Speaking of which whoever was using that Series II Lazer rifle to my left you need to check your pack, you nearly burnt one card totally and the next shot you could barely tell you had hit, pack might be bad so get it fixed before you go live again.”
A few laughs at the offending reploid’s expense were had as they all made it into Wade’s, Amiril took his customary seat at the bar, laying down the full wad of cash down. Smiling as he winked at the pretty barmaid.
“Drinks for the house for as long as it lasts, and I will take a Gamer’s Starter, double shot of grain whiskey, equal parts lemon juice and soda,” He smiled as everyone else went straight for larger portions of stronger drink. At least doing it this way he could have better tasting drinks, with triple the kick, and half the price. His drink brought to him he was raising it to his lips, the light blue of tablet casting that almost campfire glow over Cocker’s face. Amiril immediately saw the uptight rookie from the parade grounds. Placing his drink back on the bar and twisting to face the stern faced newcomer.
“Sure is friend, what can I do for ya, and what do ya want to drink.” A laugh on his voice still, and that twinkle in his eyes, giving away he could already smell some fun coming.

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