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Let the Good Times Roll
Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:49pm

“Sure is friend, what can I do for ya and what do you drink?”

Cocker grinned, like any good merc he never turned down a free drink. “I'll take a beer.”

Within moments an attractive waitress in a ultra-tight low-cut top and a skirt that bordered on over-sized belt appeared with both Cocker's and Amiril's drinks on a tray. “Here you go boys.” Cocker was utterly silent until she was completely swallowed by the dimness of Wade's.

“Right...well...Basically I've got a job and I'm putting a small team together to get it done. You interested?”


Elsewhere in the Stomping Grounds a reploid keyed his COMM unit and waited until the line pushed through.

“This is Mr. Varsa's office. May I ask who's calling?”

“A friend.” The reploid replied. “A friend with information concerning the Freelance Reploids.”

The line went silent for a long moment then the secretary's voice returned. “Right then. I'll patch you through sir.”

Hannibal's lips curled in a snake-ish smile. “I thought you might.”

There was an audible click then a tinny artificial voice said: “Varsa speaking.”

As Hannibal began to speak he felt the old thrill push through his artificial systems. They didn't know it yet but the Freelancers going to collect from Varsa were in for one hell of a time.

  • And the boredom endsamirilstarsetter, Tue Aug 11 4:35am
    The whir of the pulleys reeling the cards back to the shooters was quickly drowned out by the chatter of the crowd that had gathered to watch the show. Leaning on the shooting bench, Amiril’s smile... more
    • Let the Good Times Roll — Zeo, Thu Aug 13 6:49pm
      • Prep WorkAmiril, Mon Aug 17 2:37pm
        Picking up his drink after Cocker’s were delivered, a small smile still playing his lips as he knocked back the sugary sour drink. It kicked like a mule for a second then calmed down in his stomach,... more
        • Feet FirstZeo, Thu Aug 27 5:32am
          NRP: Sorry this took so long. I've been busy this past bit and haven't had much time to write. RP: Amiril entered the briefing room, rifle over his shoulder, and surveyed his team mates. None seemed... more
          • Welcome to the JungleAmiril, Wed Sep 2 3:01am
            Briefing over, Amiril headed back to his room, avoiding the fun of the range and the barked orders of Sarge. Crossing the base quickly, his rifle slung over his shoulder, Amiril found his way back to ... more
            • We got Fun and GamesZeo, Fri Sep 11 8:04pm
              NRP: It's Grozni. Not Gronzi. Means 'Awesome' in Russian. “Well if he's any good we won't know.” Tetri muttered as she dipped into the foliage. Her armor quickly calibrated itself to the colors... more
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