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Prep Work
Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:37pm

Picking up his drink after Cocker’s were delivered, a small smile still playing his lips as he knocked back the sugary sour drink. It kicked like a mule for a second then calmed down in his stomach, the sugar instantly starting to ferment. Soda and tea was cheaper and tasted better than most liquor and as soon as you got the right conditions going, you could be three sheets to the wind on a Mountain Dew and a Ho Ho. Setting it down he turned and listened to Cocker’s proposal. The smile only got wider.

“Sure, I am in, though I want more details in the briefing, see ya there,” Amiril stated standing and picking up his soda. Each step held the tell tale sway of a man that had had his feel. It was due to his taste, not his tolerance. Stumbling down the hall to his room he chugged a fast coffee and gathered his gear.

“Hi ho Hi ho its off to work I go”

  • Let the Good Times RollZeo, Thu Aug 13 6:49pm
    “Sure is friend, what can I do for ya and what do you drink?” Cocker grinned, like any good merc he never turned down a free drink. “I'll take a beer.” Within moments an attractive waitress in a... more
    • Prep Work — Amiril, Mon Aug 17 2:37pm
      • Feet FirstZeo, Thu Aug 27 5:32am
        NRP: Sorry this took so long. I've been busy this past bit and haven't had much time to write. RP: Amiril entered the briefing room, rifle over his shoulder, and surveyed his team mates. None seemed... more
        • Welcome to the JungleAmiril, Wed Sep 2 3:01am
          Briefing over, Amiril headed back to his room, avoiding the fun of the range and the barked orders of Sarge. Crossing the base quickly, his rifle slung over his shoulder, Amiril found his way back to ... more
          • We got Fun and GamesZeo, Fri Sep 11 8:04pm
            NRP: It's Grozni. Not Gronzi. Means 'Awesome' in Russian. “Well if he's any good we won't know.” Tetri muttered as she dipped into the foliage. Her armor quickly calibrated itself to the colors... more
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