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Welcome to the Jungle
Wed Sep 2, 2009 3:01am

Briefing over, Amiril headed back to his room, avoiding the fun of the range and the barked orders of Sarge. Crossing the base quickly, his rifle slung over his shoulder, Amiril found his way back to his room. As the door hissed open the smell of his incense welcomed Amiril. A smile played his face, not only was the light smoke calming, but it helped focus him further, and hell the ladies loved it too. Stepping in the door hissed shut, and another stick of incense was lit on the desk. Home sweet home.

Moving to the footlocker, Amiril crouched down pulling out a few smooth leather bandoliers. Shrugging off his duster for a moment he placed the bandoliers over his shoulders and loaded each of the loops, a single shell into each one. Hopefully, he wouldn’t need to use all of this ammunition, each bandolier holding twenty-five rounds. Pulling the duster up around him again, he loaded the interior of the duster much the same way, doubling his carried load in easy access. As per usual the box was near empty so a few spare shells found their way into his pockets and the box was kicked near the door for disposal or refill. Grabbing his “armor” Amiril strapped it onto his waist. The music now played an Ode to Battle, the loud clang of the locker falling closed was just the first of the war drums.


On the transport, Amiril leaned against the slightly shaking walls of the cavernous transport. Easily stretched out Amiril looked back and forth between the rag tag team. Methodically chewing his gum Amiril considered the team carefully, a smile still playing on his face. We have speed in Cocker, strength in the Grozni, and in himself surgical striking. The female still sat by herself, and when she looked over she got a small wink from Amiril. As usual it got a half hearted scoff, but he was sure he saw some interest.

“Hey Gronzi,” Amiril spoke up looking over at the ‘Zerker, “Make sure that when all hell breaks out you keep em looking at you right, and I will make sure the last thing they see is your ugly mug.”

A sincere grin on his lips let the yellow armored reploid it was in good fun, and it even got a return of a small nod and half grin. Amiril liked this guy already. The rest of the ride went in silence.


The back door whined and Amiril stood, determined to be second on the ground. Reaching up he tightened his red headband and the smile faded from his face. Moving in a run as Cocker leapt Amiril was only seconds behind, mostly due to the zip line. The second he could see the area his sniper’s intuition said something was wrong. This was a munitions dump, and he couldn’t see any posted guards. Hoping it was just a trick of his eyes, Amiril hit the release button as the same time that his shield turned on, covering him in a thin layer of protection.

Suddenly the sky tore open with hostile AA fire. The other two mercs landed but already the number of mercs on the ground was down one. No matter where they looked there was no brown duster among them.

“Where did he go!” Gronzi yelled to Cocker as he went for cover himself, followed by the female.

“Well if he is any good, we wont know,” the female reploid replied.

Around twenty yards to their right Amiril flipped the switch on his rifle and a second later the bolt closed, propping the first round in. Leaning around the side of his cover, some free standing pillar, the scope began its search for the first unlucky victim.

  • Feet FirstZeo, Thu Aug 27 5:32am
    NRP: Sorry this took so long. I've been busy this past bit and haven't had much time to write. RP: Amiril entered the briefing room, rifle over his shoulder, and surveyed his team mates. None seemed... more
    • Welcome to the Jungle — Amiril, Wed Sep 2 3:01am
      • We got Fun and GamesZeo, Fri Sep 11 8:04pm
        NRP: It's Grozni. Not Gronzi. Means 'Awesome' in Russian. “Well if he's any good we won't know.” Tetri muttered as she dipped into the foliage. Her armor quickly calibrated itself to the colors... more
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