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Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:04pm

NRP: It's Grozni. Not Gronzi. Means 'Awesome' in Russian.

“Well if he's any good we won't know.” Tetri muttered as she dipped into the foliage. Her armor quickly calibrated itself to the colors around it and the assassin swept forward; beautifully camouflaged, knives at the ready.

Grozni chuckled and swung his chain-gun into place on his torso. “Is good point.” He rumbled, opening fire on the front facade of the warehouse sending shards of concrete flying in all directions as his energy bullets ripped deep into the building.

For his part Cocker was struggling to both do his job as a Ranger and keep an eye on his team. “This sucks.” He muttered, breath clouding around his mouth and nose with every word. Cocker hated the cold, it made his more delicate musculatures tense up and, as a result, slowed him down. Not something any Ranger particularly cared for.

Shoving his problems aside Cocker examined the warehouse.

What a clusterfuck.

What should have been easy pickings was instead a veritable fortress. Through the gunslots Cocker could see the rounded domes of security drones as they hustled ammunition to the AA guns pouring fire on the Trojan Horse. The transport desperately juked and jittered while returning fire from the pitiful anti-infantry guns slung just below the cockpit. The Ranger could instantly picture the exact color of the Skybaron's face. A lovely red just this side of purple. Due to some malfunction any time 'Baron became stressed his face would flood with synthetic blood.

Cocker's radio crackled.

“Cocker I gotta pull out man. This bucket's pea-shooters aren't doing jack.”

“Understood. I'll radio you if we need you. Cocker out.”


Schroder watched as the puny force of mercenaries deployed from their transport and instantly dispersed. It was among the more pathetic things the human had seen in his long life and he smiled. It seemed he would not be needing the mercenaries after all. His security forces were more than up to the task of destroying four mercenaries.

Just as he was preparing to issue orders a reploid drone just to the right of him clattered to the floor, a neat fifty-cent piece sized hole smoking where its right eye had been. Schroder dropped to the floor before his mind had even analyzed the evidence, battle-honed instincts overwhelming all his higher thought processes.

Those instincts saved his life as a drone with the misfortune of standing directly behind Schroder was perforated and fell much as its brother had.

The leader of the much-hated mercenaries scrambled up beside Schroder who had taken cover behind his war table. “Somebody out there is pretty good.” The leader noted, grinning as he spoke.

“Admirable observation.” Schroder growled through grit teeth. “Now how about you find him and kill him.”

“Frigg is already on it.”


On the roof of the factory a gorgeous blond reploid took her time in setting her rifle on its bipod and activating its shield. Settling her eye against the scope she swept the rifle slowly across the trees. There was the massive yellow one. She watched as plasma ricocheted off his armor accompanied by his laughs. The other three were nowhere in sight. Not that it mattered much.

All she had to do was wait.


Amiril, whistling, worked the bolt on his rifle. The job was turning out to be even easier than he had expected. Sure there were a few more drones than had been mentioned in the briefing but at this point it was like shooting fish in a barrel. None of the drones had the mental wherewithal to triangulate his position.

Hefting his rifle up to his shoulder the sniper edged around the corner of his cover, a free standing pillar, and fired hitting a self-congratulatory high note in his whistling as a drone's head puffed blood then disappeared from sight.

The retaliation was instantaneous and completely unforeseen.

His cover, the heavy concrete pillar, literally exploded. Razor-edged shards slashed against his energy field shooting sparks in every direction as he flew backwards.

Above him Frigg adjusted her aim and fired again.

“Run little rabbit run!”


Tetri swept through the winter forest, sidling along the front of the warehouse. A frontal assault was useless but then, what assassin went through the front door?

“Well aren't you just the cutest thing ever?” A voice drawled from above.

Tetri reacted instantly, throwing herself to the side and rolling through the slushy mud to come up in a combat crouch, her eyes searching for the source of the voice.

She might as well not have bothered. A slim figure dressed in midnight blue armor stepped from his perch and landed with stunning grace in a small clearing. Flicking mud from his boots in the same way a cat might the speaker gestured Tetri forward.

“Come on lil' girl. Lets play.”


Cocker muttered several choice curses as he tore through the forest in a zig-zagging path towards the warehouse. His team was spread out in all directions. Grozni was the only one he knew for a fact was doing his job, that being to draw pretty much all the enemy fire down on his mightily armored body.

“Can't believe I ever wanted to be a bloody leader.” The Ranger moaned as he keyed his COMM.

“This is Cocker, all Freelancers report in! Let me know you're still alive out there people!”

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