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Axel vs. Liska: Prelude
Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:02pm

Axel watched Zeo depart the common room, shaking his head with a combination of pity and aggravation. Zeo needed a serious attitude adjustment, but the Russian doubted even the hand of God could enact such a change.
"Who'd have thought he was such a wussy little girl under all that alcoholism and cigar smoking?" Shade remarked with a weird snorting chuckle.

"Never thought I'd say this, but you could learn a thing or two from Zeo on that," Axel remarked as he rose from his seat and passed the duster-clad gunslinger, crossing the ten or so feet from his chair to where Liska had just sprawled out.

"Nah, the only things that one has to teach is how to rot a liver and grow a tumor," Shade retorted with a smirk. Then he laughed, and added "And seeing as how Reploids are incapable of both, he can't even get that right!"

"Are," Axel corrected.


"'The only things that one has to teach are how...'"

"Go munch a penis."

Axel rolled his eyes and offered a hand to the auburn-haired Liska, which she accepted and was easily hauled to her feet. She grinned nervously.

"Heh, thanks... Funny how you're helping me up now, but in a couple hours you'll be trying to knock me down again," she ran a hand through her hair. Axel looked over her shoulder--Shade was pointing at Axel and Liska with one hand, the other pumping rhythmically in a parody of doggy-style sex. Liska caught Axel's gaze and was about to follow it, but he stopped her before she could see what Shade was up to.

"Yes Liska I will, but you'll be doing the same. In my career I've gone up against many opponents better armed and better skilled than I, and obviously lived to tell about it," Axel tried to sound encouraging without being condescending. "Just do your best and don't hold back. Think of it as an intensive training program."

Liska abruptly turned away from Axel to regard Shade, apparently sensing what he was doing. But with ninja-like reflexes and the speed of a cheetah, Shade was somehow immediately seated, with a magazine in his hands. Except...

"It's upside down, Shade," Liska said drily. Shade looked up and shrugged, then looked back to the magazine and pretended to read. He even turned the page a few times, raising his eyebrows in faux interest in the article he wasn't reading.

"Whatever. I'm...I think I'm just going to go get ready," Liska said with a sigh. "See you on the arena."

Axel watched her depart, frowning slightly. He stooped down a bit, retrieved an empty soda can from the table, and beaned Shade in the head with it from across the room.

"Hey! What was that for?" Shade protested, glaring at the Russian.

"You're a dick," Axel accused. Shade grunted, then rotated the magazine upright and began reading it for real. Axel sat back down at the video terminal and began reviewing Liska's battle video from her fight against Dross. He was confident he could easily overpower Liska, but was not about to underestimate the cunning bomber.

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