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Axel vs. Liska: Plotting
Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:03pm

Liska's room for the duration of the Iron Hand Tournament was little more than a walk-in closet, equipped with only the bare necessities. The only luxury was a private video screen, on which she was watching Axel's fight with Kryce. She felt sick; Kryce had unleashed a hellish amount of firepower at the Russian--enough to level a building--and Axel still emerged victorious. What could she hope to accomplish against that?

The door to her room abruptly burst open and slammed shut, causing Liska to leap startled from the edge of her bed and scramble for her shotgun.

"Sit down and listen," a voice ordered. Liska froze, her hand clutching her shotgun and about to lift it off the bed. Zeo? She looked up at the berzerker, who was in turn looking back at her with a combination of anger and...something else.

"You don't stand a chance against Axel in a straight fight," Zeo said simply. Liska scoffed, clearly not appreciating the 'encouragement'. Ignoring her protest, Zeo continued. "He's too much of a boy scout. That's his weakness--he's not going to want to kill or seriously injure you. He'll try to disable you without harm."

"Why are you--" Liska started, but was cut off.

"Just shut up and listen. That saber of his--the one with the stun setting--if you can disarm him or break it somehow, you'll stand a very good chance of winning. It's his only nonlethal weapon, and if he loses it he'll be trying so hard not to hurt you with his 'real' weapons that the field will be pretty even."

Liska sat silent for a several long seconds, regarding Zeo with confusion. Why would he help her? After what she did to Dross, and especially after that show in the common room...why...?

"Between you and Axel, I'd rather fight you. But if Axel wins this next fight, that ain't gonna happen," Zeo explained, sensing her uncertainty. "He's a softie. Play the damsel in distress, get him to drop his guard, then shoot him in the back."

Liska didn't like the sound of that last line, and it sparked a fire inside of her that quickly overcame her surprise at Zeo's sudden intrusion.

"Oh what, so you can torture me to death in a fight against you? No thanks, I think I'd rather fight Axel who I know won't be trying to kill me," Liska said acidly.

"Jesus, haven't you been paying attention?" Zeo snapped right back. "What with Shade going nuts and you nearly killing Dross, all combatants are being equipped with a 'white flag bracelet'. A simple little bracelet with a button. You hit that button, it signals your surrender, ending the match immediately."

"So..." Liska started to understand. "...if I fight you, I can just drop out?"

Zeo nodded. It made sense now...if Liska won the fight against Axel and had to fight Zeo... Zeo knew she would forfeit that match rather than face the berzerker's fury, thus securing his position as champion of the division. And if she lost against Axel, it would cost Zeo nothing he wasn't already going to face anyway.

"Well.... Thanks," Liska said awkwardly. How do you thank a man who wants to kill you, anyway? Zeo saved her the trouble, exiting as suddenly as he had arrived, leaving the lithe young bomber to her thoughts.

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