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Axel vs. Liska: Epilogue
Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:06pm

Begin Administrative Review Report
Match # 0064
Match Title: Axel vs. Liska
1. Combatant 'Axel' assaulted Iron Hand Tournament staff
2. Combatant 'Liska' damaged beyond capacity for in-stock replacement parts
Any combatant who assaults Iron Hand Tournament staff is disqualified from all
competitions and ejected from the tournament.
Any combatant who, though victorious in the Arena, is unable to proceed, forfeits
their victory to the next runner up.
Combatant 'Axel' forfeited the match, thus ceased to be a Combatant.
Thus, the Iron Hand Tournament staff was not assaulted by a combatant, and no
disqualification occurs.
Combatant 'Liska' requires a sacral plexus processor for full repairs.
Sacral Plexus Processor is on back order, and will not arrive in time for the next match.
Combatant 'Liska' forfeits victory to next runner up.
Combatant 'Axel' is judged victorious.

End Administrative Review Report

"Figures," Zeo grumbled, crumpling up the printout of the report and tossing it into the trash.

  • Axel vs. Liska: The Match (part 3)Axel, Thu Sep 17 1:05pm
    Liska crouched on the roof, taking careful aim with her shotgun. The small pop-can shaped explosive was perched precisely next to the rooftop access shot...that's all she needed. One shot... more
    • Axel vs. Liska: Epilogue — Axel, Thu Sep 17 1:06pm
      • Trust me. I'm a doctor.Kail, Sat Sep 19 6:03pm
        -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- One of the young tournament medics activated her electro-suture device and pressed it to the seam of Cross' newly reattached arm. The coliseum's state-of-the-art infirmary... more
        • Surprise VisitZeo Grey, Tue Sep 29 7:38pm
          NRP: This is actually just the first little section of a much longer post but its written in such a fashion as to stand by itself and I've got to show I've been writing for reals and not making empty ... more
          • Cross vs. Lexander Morningstar: PreludeKail, Wed Sep 30 11:53pm
            -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Iron Hand security officers held back the throngs as Cross strutted through the coliseum’s public concourse. “Hey, there’s Icy Hot!” someone shouted. Tournament fans screamed... more
            • Cross yelled a war cry and charged Morningstar head on, firing wildly from both megabusters as he did so. Of the dozen shots only two were even close to hitting their mark and the cyborg used his... more
              • Gauntlet IZeo Grey, Thu Oct 1 7:10pm
                NRP: Sorry guys, I originally envisioned posting all this in one lump sum but I just don't have the time to write this bad boy out in one go so I'll be updating it piece-meal as I have the time. RP:... more
                • Gauntlet IIZeo, Thu Oct 15 7:51am
                  Axel slumped over a tall glass of crystal-clear vodka his bleary eyes covered by a massive hand. Every twenty seconds he restarted the memory of Liska falling into the rollers searching desperately... more
                  • Part 1: Look! Up in the Sky!Kail, Tue Oct 20 10:35pm
                    Across Iron Hand Coliseum’s oceanic parking lot sparkled Atlantis, a glistening upscale hotel and casino run by the same investors who owned the posh Troy in Las Vegas. Inside, rows of slot machines... more
                    • Part 2: Meditation in an EmergencyKail, Tue Oct 20 10:38pm
                      “Action Man” hovered high in the air just at the edge of the tachyon scanner’s range. Lexander Morningstar boosted the sensitivity of his receptor, straining desperately to pierce the veil and... more
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