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Part 2: Meditation in an Emergency
Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:38pm

“Action Man” hovered high in the air just at the edge of the tachyon scanner’s range. Lexander Morningstar boosted the sensitivity of his receptor, straining desperately to pierce the veil and uncover any details at all about the unwelcome intruder. This person, or someone in identical armor, had sabotaged an FEC factory the month prior and derailed a cargo shipment the month before that, yet nothing at all was known about him. Was he a human or reploid? And if a reploid, who built him? They weren’t even sure if “Anarchy Man”, as the company’s smear doctors had labeled him, was a man at all or a woman.

When the vidcube crashed through the arena floor and crushed the tachyon scanner hidden below, the device let out a burst of distorted signal as it died that overloaded Morningstar’s neural receiver. Pain shot through the cyborg’s brain and for a moment all he could see was dancing binary. When his vision returned he found himself on the ground looking up at the junior executive.

“Mister Morningstar, are you alright?”

“Does it look like I’m alright?” the cyborg groaned. “I’m laying on the ground in a two thousand credit suit.”

When Lexander got back to his feet he wished his vision was still gone. A gaping hole engulfed the center of the coliseum. A hole too big to be repaired quickly. This year’s tournament depended on a very rigid schedule and a setback like this spelled doom for the event. Advertising time had already been sold, not to mention broadcast rights and a million other things that would now have to be refunded. But being an experienced field commander, Morningstar did not panic. He asked himself what the Baroness would do in a situation like this and before he knew it a plan formed in his bionic brain that even Frost herself would be proud of.

He turned to his assistant and instructed “Go lower the hydraulic pillars on the north side of the arena by twenty degrees.”

“But s-sir…” the executive stammered. “That would cause a portion of the coliseum to collapse.”

“It’ll do a lot more than that. A main power conduit runs beneath that part of the structure. We’ll have to switch over to auxiliary power after the explosion to keep the lights going. Go tell the camera operators to keep filming no matter what happens or they’ll lose their jobs.”

Less than a minute later Lexander Morningstar finally arrived in the owners box and found most of the board members in a state of panic. Celeste Gloomrel shrieked something about how many tens of millions this incident was going to cost, and Marco Cygnus commented that this “Action Man” had also attacked a Syndic Tech refinery recently.

Morningstar silenced them all with the announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I guarantee you all that this year’s broadcast will receive the highest rating ever. The bad news is that we have evacuate right now.”


“I don’t understand.” Cross exclaimed after watching on a vidscreen as Triss slid down a hole. “Does that mean I’m rich?”

The cashier maintained a smile as she explained “I’m sorry, but you bet that Kremlin would win the match. Outside interference means that both fighters get disqualified.”

“So I get my money back, right?”

“No. But I can offer you a coupon for a complimentary meal at the buffet.”


NRP: There. Now all you guys have to do is write the Freelance Reploids getting out. Feel free to go wild with how destructive it gets.

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