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Best laid plans.
Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:23am

Kaze's eyes flattened into a disappointed stare the moment Kail shot out his multimillion bid, and the reasons to put away his checkbook just kept piling up moment after moment. He and Shinsei had turned out for the event metamorphosed into debacle with the intent of perhaps snapping up a few members for contract at his mercenary base instead. He'd had a carefully worded proposition ready for Axel, Liska, Demios, and a few others he felt he could reasonably expect to not stab him in the back. All of which was so much ink being smeared across a napkin as he crumpled it in his pocket.

A dozen stretch limos, air transports, and beefier carrier trucks rumbled their respective ways into the distance with somber news for their superiors. The freelancers, mostly somewhere between states of shock, jubilee, and confusion, wandered through the clouds of sand and dust to converse about this bizarre chain of events. And more than a little gossip was floating already about their mysterious benefactor; most of the on-duty mercs hadn't been around the last time Damien was seen. Nevermind something about his aura making a number of magically-attuned individuals sick to their stomachs.

"Wee paks gagis mng zz lequera hes.*" Shinsei quipped over to Kaze.

He nodded, chewing on the inside of his lip. She meant she was going to see what she could find out about Tall, Dark, and Fabulously Wealthy. She trudged awkwardly through some soft sand and disappeared into the compound. Kaze meanwhile decided to get a feel for what the other mercs had to say about things.

Most of the talk was pretty mundane. Some talk of drinks, some disparaging remarks about Kail having that kind of reserve fund but never cracking it open. Some of it was more profound: Kaze could only imagine Demios, wherever he was. Aurora was still, in legal terms, in the developmental stage. That made her physical and intellectual property prone to forfeit for debt collection. Not that he'd seen Demios around in some time. Glitch, on the other hand, was very visibly weeping over the garage of vehicles he'd been pried away from tearfully just a day before.

"So just like that? We're out of the hole?"

"... yeah, guys! We're set!"

"I don't know, man. The guy gives me the creeps."

"Dude, he showed up with Maq. Maq. Okay? We're solid."

The whole thing aggravated Kaze thoroughly. The place was rife with talent and skill, but not a dime seemed to be earned through it. He wondered what kind of trained ape battalion was in charge of their finances. He huffed and put his hands in his pockets, not at all eager to find out who this 'Damien' was, or why he wanted the complex.

Oh well. At least Maq was back. He'd always heard good things about her.

* I feel somewhat nervous about this. I will learn (about him, the unheroic one).

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