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Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:03am

NRP: Yes, I plan to finish the Aurora CD. But I decided to put this in here...

-- Earlier --

Axel's large frame all but eclipsed the doorway to the double barracks that Demios had been using for years now. The piles of junk were gone, the machining table clean and the low rumble of the APC idling outside the impromptu doorway were all rather conspicuous signs of what was going on. The Russian caught Demios's eye as the grenadier, in street clothes, hefted a multi-ton crate full of god-knows-what. "What do you think you're doing?"

Demios quirked a brow and looked over the crate towards Axel, "What does it look like?"

"It looks like you're leaving, abandoning the Freelancers and breaking your contract." Axel seethed, keeping his temper in check.

"Yes, I'm leaving, no, I'm not 'abandoning' anyone and check my contract again. Just because most of the buster-jocks that walk on base can barely read doesn't mean that I will sign any and everything that's pushed in front of me." Demios said before turning and heading out to load the crate on the APC.

Axel called up Demios's contract. "...At will? Retains ownership...? How in the hell did you get Giles to sign this load of horseshit?"

Demios smirked as he walked back into the barracks. "Line on three up-and-coming stocks. The Freelancers made out like bandits on that one. Over the years, those stocks have paid over seventy million in dividends. Just about the only money that was keeping the lights on."

Axel closed his eyes in frustration. Demios was apparently working with the Freelancers as an at-will employee. Meaning that he could leave at any time and that he retained exclusive ownership of all of his equipment and any spoils of war. Apparently, the Freelancers had been *renting* the APC that rumbled outside the door from Demios for over two years now. "You're a cold hearted bastard, Demios."

"Hey." Demios said, now the one having to keep his temper in check, "I'm not a professional soldier like you Axel. I didn't join this little private army to be loyal to it. This is and always has been an arrangement of convenience. That's what being a Mercenary is. Besides..." It was at that point that Axel first heard a noise from the other barrack, the sound of stuff moving around, "I have a family to consider now."

Axel quirked a brow and the door opened to reveal a young, shapely looking reploid in purple. "Aurora, meet Axel." Demios said, gesturing with one hand as he lifted another multi-ton crate with the other, "Axel, Aurora."

Aurora's bright eyes met the russian's and a faint smile crossed her lips, "Good Afternoon, Mr. Axel. I hope we're not disturbing anyone by making too much noise."

The russian blinked. *When had she been activated?* "Nice to meet you, Aurora."

"Anyway, Axel. Don't worry too much." Demios said, the crate still balancing on one hand, "This is preparatory. I'm going to wait and see who gobbles up this little hole in the ground and if I think the money will keep coming in, well, it won't take me too long to unpack."

"And if you don't think they will?"

"Then I want to make sure nothing gets mixed up in the shuffle. Some of our potential buyers might not want to recognize certain parts of my contract, if you catch my drift."

-- During the Auction --

"SOLD!" Called the auctioneer. Zeo holstered his pistol, chuckling, and Demios padded across the sand.

"Three hundred million for this dump, huh?" Demios asked, finding as much absurdity in it as Zeo did.

Zeo quirked a brow up at the larger grenadier, "I heard you were on your way out. I'd've loved to have been on the kill team that would've chased you."

Demios grinned, "I'm sure you would but, again, I know how to negotiate with something besides the end of a barrel. Besides, I have a feeling that profits might just be looking up."

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