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Silent Witness
Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:14am

[Earlier again]
Not for the first time, Benjamin found himself regretting his decision to enter the tournament. Setting aside its squandered potential and disastrous finale, the situation he found himself in now was far from acceptable.

He had been to the desert only once, when his master had insisted he escort a shipment of artifacts directly from the dig site, but he remembered the beating sun and the blowing sand. He remembered grit in his fur and nose and the slippery, sinking business of walking on a constantly shifting surface.

Being caught in the midst of a throng of rabble screaming and jeering at another throng of rabble was hardly adding to the experience.

He was at the edge of the crowd, at least, which made leaving it entirely a simple matter of giving the nearest person a gentle shove.

A low sigh gusted from his throat as the shouting -- bidding, he supposed -- escalated behind him. His gaze flicked sideways to the compound, uncertain why the ownership of such a seedy facility would be so hotly contested. He shook his head.

It hardly bore questioning. Better to be on his way -- preferably before they could decide how they wanted to sort him out.

Built-in GPS told him where he was quickly enough, and he was somewhat alarmed when he realized how remote the location was -- and how far from home. It was a home he had intended to leave behind, certainly, but not in this manner -- and not for this place.

He sank wearily into a crouch, ears drooping briefly against his skull, glancing over his shoulder at another round of shouting and shaking his head. No help for it. He got to his feet, but before he'd taken a step, the shouting erupted into roars.

A look told him the mood among the mercenaries he'd fallen in with was celebratory -- perhaps their base had been saved, after all. His lips parted in a grimace. If he was to go, now was the time.

Shaking his head, he started for the sands, only to have his movements arrested a second time by a sharp, suspicious shout.

"Hey! You! Who are you? Where do you think you're going?"

Ben looked over his shoulder at the interruption, expression growing cloudy. "I am not a part of this, and I am taking my leave."

"Oh, the hell you are."

The bear gritted his teeth on a sharp reply, more than weary of the situation, but not wanting to cause any more fuss than he already had. "You have no cause to keep me here."

"Yeah? How about 'you're trespassing' for cause?"

His accuser took another step closer, and Ben fought his first instinct -- to slap the smaller man roundly and be on his way. That was how fools were dealt with in the pits, to be sure, but they were not in the pits.

"If I am trespassing, I assume my presence is not desired here, and if my presence is not desired here, perhaps it would be best to let me go on my way," he said instead, a low growl accompanying the end of the statement.

"Not a chance." The other gestured -- this time with a weapon.

Resignation seeped into Ben's posture. Given the recent chaos, his coming detainment had a ring of finality.


NRP: Just figured I'd put a locater on where Ben was during all the partying.

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