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Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:54pm

-- Demios and Aurora's Barracks --

Demios was hard at work, with Aurora peering over his shoulder. "What are you designing, Dad?" She asked, her violet eyes blinking in mild confusion. "It looks like a weapon."

"It is." He said, looking back over his shoulder towards his daughter, "I've got a theory on vacuum-packing magic power and I'm thinking of how you could load it into a gun."

"That sounds... Violent." She said, unsure of exactly what to say about it. Demios grinned inwardly. Aurora's personality was still developing and her opinions on things like violence and peace were still forming. He decided not to say anything and let her figure it out on her own.

"Anyway, I was thinking I'd..." Just then a flash of white light seemed to seer through the walls and illuminate the double barrack before fleeing through the walls at the other side. Both Aurora and Demios fell flat on the ground as it passed.

-- Hanger --

-What the ....- Demios said to himself, his head splitting. He tried to move his hand up to cup his aching head when he realized, vainly, that he had no arms. His vision was shapes and sounds. Radar.

-WHAT THE ...!- He yelled, before he delved into his memory banks. Body Version: LandChaser Mars Mark II "Deus."

-WHAAAAATTT THEEE FUUUUUCK!- The landchaser quickly shot out of the hanger door, flying around with no rider and squealing in binary. The basic audio sensors (designed to assist in accepting verbal commands) heard Jim yell in surprise as the LandChaser shot, full burn right past him.


NRP: The Mars "Deus" has a limited Reploid Brain which assists Demios in flight. Demios has been transplanted INTO the Mars. Demios, the LandChaser, will probably end up flying through walls by accident and bumping into people, squealing binary. :D

Aurora and The Mars's reploid souls are free floating. Feel free to use them.

  • Under New Management (2 of 2)Kail, Sat Nov 14 7:17pm
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- “Careful with those boxes, ladies.” Sarge barked. He’d placed himself in charge of moving Damien’s furniture in and attacked the job with gusto. Every unfortunate soul he laid... more
    • *snrkgiggle* — Demios, Sat Nov 14 8:54pm
      • Bow Chicka Wow WowAxel, Sun Nov 15 11:49am
        Axel tried to blink, but found that his eyelids wouldn't respond. The wave of stunning light had washed over him with speed that precluded him from even uttering an exclamation of shock, and he was... more
        • Liska slowly woke up from her own bed, stretching her brand new legs out and over the side of her twin sized bed. She had been quickly repaired for the auction, and thus was ready and back to normal... more
          • Some Like It HotZeo Grey, Thu Nov 19 6:10pm
            NRP: Didn't mention Cross because... Well because this is long as it is damn it! Since Damien's return there had been some serious partying going on. Booze flowed like water and liquored up Mercs... more
            • Zeo + elephant butt = WINAxel, Sun Nov 22 4:49pm
              Zeo (in Lina) abruptly grabbed his Deacon off Lina (in Zeo)'s holster, promptly emptying an entire clip intO Axel's face and midsection. The simulacrum staggered backwards under the onslaught,... more
              • HogwashKail, Fri Nov 27 4:44am
                -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Within twenty minutes the emergency meeting was underway in the Axel-possessed TraSim with three of FR’s most tech savvy mercs in attendance. First was the brilliant... more
                • Walls are for flying through!Demios, Sat Nov 28 4:55am
                  Kail's blastsaber sprang to scarlet life with a snap hiss and the faint smell of the rapidly burnt air the plasma quickly displaced. Maq, in Kail's body, was about to succumb to the berserker rage... more
                  • Hm. Do holograms need hardware drivers?Kaze, Mon Nov 30 9:15am
                    Few things in the world could turn Shinsei's stomach so sour so fast as an expanding dome of energy slathered with signs of necromantic origin. So when Kaze's bathroom door exploded open, he found... more
                    • Titans Will ClashZeo Grey, Tue Dec 8 8:54pm
                      NRP: Yeah, I'm late. RP: Outside the walls of the Stomping Grounds the world burned. Cross, mad with power, fired his tank body's weapons up into the sky his voice rolling across the desert as... more
        • Liska's bad day.Lock, Sun Nov 15 10:34pm
          Liska slowly woke up from her own bed, stretching her brand new legs out and over the side of her twin sized bed. She had been quickly repaired for the auction, and thus was ready and back to normal... more
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