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Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:49am

Axel tried to blink, but found that his eyelids wouldn't respond. The wave of stunning light had washed over him with speed that precluded him from even uttering an exclamation of shock, and he was subsequently knocked unconscious for an uncertain amount of time. One minute he had been moving things around in his new office, and the next...darkness.

His eyelids failing to respond, he tried wiggling his fingers, but that didn't seem to work either. At that moment the Russian began to grow concerned. He knew he probably wasn't in any true danger, because at worst someone would stumble upon his paralyzed body before long. He'd be dragged off to the medical wing, patched up, and things would be as good as new. But it was nevertheless disconcerting to be paralyzed on the ground.

As Axel pondered that thought, it occured to him that he had no physical sensations either. He couldn't feel the ground. He couldn't feel much of anything, really. Just...a consciousness floating in darkness. He wished he could do something about that. Even if he remained paralyzed, at least turning the lights on would ease his--

As soon as the thought of turning the lights on crossed his mind--metaphoric though it was--lights came on around him. No, not around him...within him.

"Holy mother of crap!" he exclaimed, now truly startled. His voice boomed, but did not sound like his own. It boomed from within him, echoing from numerous speakers attached to his...

"Holy mother of crap, I'm a fucking room!" Axel announced, repeating his previous exclamation. His eyes were sensors, the lights were on his ceiling, his mind...he couldn't tell where exactly his mind was housed, but he recognized the room immediately.

Axel had somehow been transplated into the training simulator's mainframe. His mind raced...a test. He must test his abilities first. He thought about his old body, felt a rush of energy flow through the conduits buried deep within his walls, and...

Axel stood in the center of the room. Not really "him" per se, as he didn't inhabit his body. Rather, he was watching himself as an outsider, yet found he could control his body as if it were his own.

"Well that's a start," he commented to himself, his training-sim voice blaring through the loudspeakers. He directed his simulacrum towards the exit and hoped to find someone else to get some answers. The simulacrum pressed the door lever, swung the metal gate wide, took a step out into the corridor, and vanished into a puff of hazy smoke.

He would have grit his teeth in frustration, had they existed. The solid holograms can't exist outside the simulator's projection walls... Stupid, he should have known better.

He had to do something though...he tried establishing a link to the outside world, but for security reasons the training simulator mainframe existed separate from the main building's network. It even had its own separate micro-fusion reactor. Axel was completely isolated from the rest of the building.

But the door at least was open. Then an idea occured to him...if he couldn't go to the mercs for answers, he would get the mercs to come to him. And what would most inspire mercs to flock en masse to a room?

He would have smirked, had he the capacity to do so. One by one, women of exceptionally exotic beauty began appearing in the center of the training simulator. Buxom, hourglass figured beauties, full lips, large liquid eyes, hair neatly shaved or trimmed in all the right places, and not a scrap of clothing to be found among them. Then couches, beds, and various cushions appeared. A bar in the corner manifested, a shelved wall of liquor materializing behind it a moment later.

The women began caressing and fondling one another, moaning and groaning with simulated extacy, and Axel began playing a 'bow chicka wow wow' background beat across the loudspeakers.

That ought to get some attention...

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