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Liska's bad day. (Fixed for continuity errors.)
Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:54pm

Liska slowly woke up from her own bed, stretching her brand new legs out and over the side of her twin sized bed. She had been quickly repaired for the auction, and thus was ready and back to normal several days ago. Smiling, she got up and slowly moved around, not in an awkward way, but in a gently and gliding way. Moving to the window, she saw a bright white light overtake her.


Moaning, Liska once again woke up. Blinking slowly, her eyes adjusted to the sight of the low light, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't seem to adjust for her weight… that, and she felt some thing funny between her legs.

"What the ...…"

Those words were not her own.

Jumping up, she headed over to the nearest mirror, and panicked when she saw the naked form of her most hated foe: The man who loved porn.

Crazy Eddie.

Unlike most people, who were enjoying the switch of bodies, Liska panicked and flew down the old wooded stairs to the shop down below. Arriving behind the counter, she looked out at an excited young male repliod across the old countertop.

"Why are you naked Eddie?" The other customer stared blankly at the body of Eddie

Silence was all that transpired at first, but Liska spoke up first, "Because I'm Crazy!"

Silence again… for a while at least.

The other man spoke up first, "You do know that two girls are having sex in the Bar right in front of everyone. In fact, Axel spent five thousand of his own credits to make it happen?"

"Really?" Was the response from Liska, in Eddies body.

"Really." With that the man left to go see the action unfolding. Liska herself was about to leave, to go back up the stairs, when a cruel and inhumane idea come to her head. While she couldn't Running outside, echoes of the word 'freedom' could be heard throughout the entire base.


Axel and Demois ,or at least their bodies and the bodies of almost everyone at the base were in the bar all trying to get a look at the two naked forms on the stage of the bar. One of them, Liska's body, was surrendering itself to the advances of the bountiful body of Maq, who had descended her hands and mouth onto Liska's breasts, fondling them and sucking at her nipples. Glistening sweat poured from their bodies and their skin became shiny as a polished landchaser.

The crowd went wild… Some egged them on further, others wiped out cameras they found on their bodes and started to record the scene in front of them hoping to get these pics from the internet latter on.

"Keep the show on going girls." Axel said in his Russian accent. The man in control of Kail was just a recruit, but he was lapping up this power like


Axel continued to stare at the horde of lesbians in his halo sim. Nobody had come to answer his call, or even look in from the door. Sighing, he turned his attention to the girls, hoping that this problem would sort its self out sooner or later.

  • Bow Chicka Wow WowAxel, Sun Nov 15 11:49am
    Axel tried to blink, but found that his eyelids wouldn't respond. The wave of stunning light had washed over him with speed that precluded him from even uttering an exclamation of shock, and he was... more
    • Liska's bad day. (Fixed for continuity errors.) — Lock, Sun Nov 15 10:54pm
      • Some Like It HotZeo Grey, Thu Nov 19 6:10pm
        NRP: Didn't mention Cross because... Well because this is long as it is damn it! Since Damien's return there had been some serious partying going on. Booze flowed like water and liquored up Mercs... more
        • Zeo + elephant butt = WINAxel, Sun Nov 22 4:49pm
          Zeo (in Lina) abruptly grabbed his Deacon off Lina (in Zeo)'s holster, promptly emptying an entire clip intO Axel's face and midsection. The simulacrum staggered backwards under the onslaught,... more
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            • Walls are for flying through!Demios, Sat Nov 28 4:55am
              Kail's blastsaber sprang to scarlet life with a snap hiss and the faint smell of the rapidly burnt air the plasma quickly displaced. Maq, in Kail's body, was about to succumb to the berserker rage... more
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    • Liska's bad day.Lock, Sun Nov 15 10:34pm
      Liska slowly woke up from her own bed, stretching her brand new legs out and over the side of her twin sized bed. She had been quickly repaired for the auction, and thus was ready and back to normal... more
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