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Zeo + elephant butt = WIN
Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:49pm

Zeo (in Lina) abruptly grabbed his Deacon off Lina (in Zeo)'s holster, promptly emptying an entire clip intO Axel's face and midsection. The simulacrum staggered backwards under the onslaught, numerous holes punched clean through it. The Axel simulacrum toppled over backwards, fading into insubstantial mist as it hit the ground. Immediately a second simulacrum of Axel appeared where the first had stood, glowering at Zeo.

"What was that for?" Axel asked, sounding annoyed.

Zeo (in Lina) merely shrugged, plucking a fresh clip off Lina's Zeo-body and slapping it in. "I always wanted to do that. Figured I'd sieze the day, y'know?"

"You don't need to be such a jerk!" Lina-in-Zeo protested, planting a hand on her hip and cocking her pelvis in a distinctly femine fashion.

"Don't. Don' that..." Zeo-in-Lina said dangerously. "Don't ever make my body do that again, or I'll..."

"Kill yourself?" Axel asked.

"Hey, sooner or later we're all going to be back in our own forms," Zeo-in-Lina snapped. "I can be patient. She'll still be around..."

Lina-in-Zeo's eyes widened in fear, but she did more or less straighten her posture and try to look Zeo-ish. Zeo-in-Lina generally disapproved anyway, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Alright look you two, lay off will ya? We've got to get some answers here. Have you seen anyone else in this situation?" Axel said, assuming his familiar commanding role.

"Eh...besides you? No. Haven't seen your body actually, but I presume with you being here, someone else is in you," Zeo-in-Lina said with a shrug that made his bountiful bosom jiggle. He looked down at his own chest, shrugging again to make them jiggle once more. "Hm...always wondered what that felt like..."

"Yeah. Anyway, I want you two to fan out. Find Damien and Dr. Laiken, and bring them here. Between Damien's knowledge of magic and Laiken's knowledge of Reploid processors, and my current ability to manifest any equipment they may need, that's our best shot at finding a solution," Axel said.

"Works for me," Zeo-in-Lina replied with a shrug. He gestured at Lina-in-Zeo then. "What about her?"

Abruptly a giant elephant appeared and sat on Lina-in-Zeo, to which she shrieked in terrified protest.

"I hate you," Zeo said coldly, staring at the image of his own body lodged in the butt-crack of a pachyderm.

NRP: I'm half drunk, leave me alone.

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