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A Glimpse of Ultimate Chaos (2 of 2)
Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:52pm

After the white flash it was Kail's great fortune to find himself inhabiting the hulking, antiquated chassis of Sarge. The Ducandian turbo cannons may have been powerful enough to punch holes through city walls, but the humans of old designed their military reploids to survive even nuclear blasts and still function. Internal diagnostics were reporting damage only to a few non-essential systems. As clumsy as his body was, Sarge was virtually indestructible.

The cloud of dust kicked up by the blast had turned midday into a gloomy dusk that hung thick in the air even after Kail managed to dig himself out from under the rubble. A cacophony of chaotic battle could came from all directions out in the lingering dust. Screams, frequent discharges of plasma cannons, the occasional clash of beamsaber blades, and most loud and continuous of all, the dreadful rumble of a monstrous tank in the distance.

With Sarge's old eyes Kail could see the diabolical machine even through the thick dust. It appeared like a dark shape moving about in the cloud. The sun-baked desert sand under the weight of its gigantic treads crunched like the grinding of bones.

But the impressive artillery of these attackers were a small factor in the battle. The Freelance Reploids had triumphed in the face of far greater technological superiority. The mercs were simply handicapped by their untimely mental situation. Though mildly amusing at first, swapping bodies had left most of the mercs too confused and uncoordinated to fight. Only one seemed to actually be empowered by the transformation.

"SUCK IT!" Cross shouted as loudly as Auger's speaker system would allow. He then fired his Twin Phalynx Cannons at a crowd of mutant marauders and watches the meatbags explode, leaving behind only unrecognizable mounds of steaming gore.

After vaporizing another pair of mutants with a volley of rockets Cross decided it was time to do some real damage and charged full speed at the big behemoth-class tank. Once within range he targeted a weak spot with his Dual Mark IV Cannons and fired... or tried to at any rate. Finding his plasma cells drained, he attempted to let a volley of rockets fly, but discovered all racks empty. It suddenly dawned on Cross that he'd squandered all of Auger's ammunition by wildly firing into the sky before the battle had even begun.

"GLITCH!!!" Cross shouted again, this time kicking his engine into reverse and trying to beat a hasty retreat before the mutants could turn their guns on him. In Cross' haste to find cover and replenish his munitions, he inadvertently ran over Kail just as the assassin had managed to climb back to his feet.

Auger's enormous treads not only rolled over Kail, but left Sarge's body pressed flat into the earth. It was at this point that the assassin thought to himself that invulnerability wasn't all it was cracked up to be.


When Shinsei began to chant in Hymmnos, the language of magic, things began to happen almost immediately. The temperature dropped several degrees and a wind kicked up that blew the carpet of magnolia petals and made them dance madly.

Damien grumbled to Axel "No need for special effects."

"I'm not the one doing that." the disembodied Russian declared.

Shinsei could not hear this exchange, however. Her mind was filled with other sounds and sights as the bone wand in her hand acted as a sort of supernatural antenna. With closed eyes she could see Damien and Dan Crasher and even herself standing in the grove. She could see the mercs and mutants fighting outside the TraSim, and children going to school half a world away. She could see the unlighted center of the cosmos where things without names hiss and gnaw in ultimate chaos, and, for just a moment, those things could see her as well.

"Shinsei..." Kaze whispered. Though he streaked across the sky in an aircraft high above, the link between the two siblings was such that he could feel her energy ripple and pulse as it never had before.

The the charm of undoing continued to fall from Shinsei's lips until the spell that Tycho Sanders had inadvertently cast was completely unraveled. The grove of magnolia trees vanished the instant Axel's consciousness transferred back to his body. The same happened to every other reploid in the Stomping Grounds.

The TraSim was left empty except for Shinsei, Dan Crasher and Damien. Shinsei slumped to her knees and dropped the wand, overwhelmed.


NRP - Feel free to wrap this up, guys.

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