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Well that's just dandy.
Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:27am

Deep, heaving breaths were the only sound inside the TraSim as Shinsei tried her best to not lose her lunch for the second time today. Bright lights flared in her mind as the consciousness of the universe left her. It was a feeling she'd had described to her before, by her mentor, but the truest detail she'd been related was that there was no real way to relate the experience without doing it yourself. Slowly, as though she feared opening her eyes would allow a second wave of awareness carry her away, she looked up until she saw the unholy wand lying there. Abruptly she scrambled forward, taking the wand in her hands and boring holes in it with her eyes. Her breathing shallowed and became rapid, and her eyes traced up to meet Damien's then Dan's, and then back to the wand. Fearing necromantic enrapturement of her mind, Dan stepped forward and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Woah, woah. Slow down now." Which was totally ignored if not appreciated somewhere in the back of her mind. She surged to her feet, white-knuckles clamped around the wand and marched up to Damien with the dark feracity of a vengeful executioner. Pointing the wand into his face close enough for him to smell it, she stood rigid for seconds searching for some scathing remark, righteous condemnation, or eloquent lashing. Instead of words, she found rage, and recoiled as she felt her fingernails bend against the crystalline pads in her gloves' palms. Its very presence galled her, like a thousand personal insults against her and her better judgement.

"Chalk.. I.. I need chalk." Her head swiveled, looking for something to write with, frustrated for a moment before the obviousness of the solution presented itself. "Simulator! Chalk and board!" Even as the walls rumbled from the war outside, a box of chalk and a blackboard appeared nearby. She kicked the board flat to the floor and grabbed a handful of chalk.

Damien seethed. "I certainly hope you're not planning on-" Her attention snapped up to him, and she reflexively threw a handful of chalk pieces at him, leaving dusty white splotches across his coat. Dan couldn't decide if he should be amused or stand between the two of them.

Runes were not Shinsei's strong suit. In fact, she barely knew up from down in this field with a few exceptions. But one of the first things all mages were taught in her establishment back home was what she'd named a "Charge Recursion Circuit". It was basically a magical battery that wouldn't lose its contained charge until the circle or in some cases its caster was destroyed. And Shinsei began drawing four of them in a circle around the wand, which she'd just stabbed through the board to keep in place. The sigils complete, she focused her magic into them.


The Gryphon arced high up and turned into a near-terminal nosedive, releasing two warheads before pulling out if its descent. A dragon tank's left tread housing exploded, sending it into a slow motion but unstoppably momentumed doughnut, crushing several dozen foot soldiers and rocking another tank as it headbutted its way into its path. Kaze squeezed the firing stud on his controls and laced a cluster of troops with fire that suddenly went errant as he sensed a massive energy pulse from the FR complex. He hit the comm panel again.

"Did anyone feel that?"

"Feel what?"

He searched the area furiously, and was about to give up when the door to the TraSim flew open and a geometric sphere of light swerved out into the sky. Turning the gun port, he started to cover the bubble shield, believing it to be his sister come back for round 2. The shield phased transparent for a moment, revealing that there was just a rather unimpressive stick inside, glowing angrily with dark energy. Kaze muttered an oath.

The sphere streaked under the Gryphon and over the enemy forces before exploding in a far-reaching shockwave, raining necromantic debris and energy. Flecks of human bone bounced and skittered across the desert sand, trailing and splashing shadowy whisps of malice embodied across the mutant hordes. They all stopped firing long enough to look at eachother. Something strange was happening.


NRP: I started this thing with gusto, and it just kinda dribbled off. Go do creative things.

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