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Zeo Grey
Only the Bold
Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:12pm

NRP: Shinsei's name is spelled wrong. I'm sorry. But not sorry enough to go through and edit it. S'what I get for trusting Kail I suppose...

RP:For the second time in hours Zeo experienced a tilting sense of displacement and all the world faded to black. When he opened his eyes he felt himself back in his proper body and in the empty Tra-Sim. Realization took five seconds to strike. If he was in the Tra-Sim then...

“Ah fuck.”


Jumpy easily adjusted his weight as the Land Chaser he rode swerved suddenly before evening out. The cannibal's ultra-sharp senses detected a muted squeak from his driver. From that as well as the change in posture he could tell something had drastically changed.

Ice dumped down Lina's spine as she regained control of the Land Chaser she found herself on and looked ahead to see the gargantuan tread of a Ducandian Dragon-class tank looming above her pouring smoke into the pristine blue sky. Already mutated figures swarmed from the damaged tank even as a gun the size of a small car swiveled to track the on-coming mercenaries. From behind she felt an ice cold hand slap against her shoulder and heard a terribly familiar 'Splah!'

Oh fuck me.


Damien and Dan Crasher had made their way to the roof following Shensei who in turn followed the necromantic wand. Both spellcasters, far older than Shensei, could sense the war between the wand's innate black magics, and the white magic surrounding it. The two combined into something that grated on a mage's arcane sixth sense like nails on a chalkboard.

Despite that both turned in creepily precise unison at Zeo's arrival on the roof. The reploid berserker didn't bother with any sort of pleasantry.

“I need a teleportation spell.”

“Too bad.” Dan replied. Damien was already looking at the floating wand again.

Zeo ground his teeth to keep from cursing. “The spell's reversed.”

“Perceptive of you to notice.”Dan glanced at the wand.

“So who do you suppose is leading the strike force on the Land Chasers.”

“Well you are... Ah.” The mage grimaced. “I see your point. Too bad I still can't help you.”

“Why not?”

Crasher jerked his thumb towards the floating wand. “That thing's interfering with my sixth sense.” A bolt of energy lashed out from the wand and tore a great gouge in the desert where it struck. “As you can see it's really a bad idea to try anything.” Zeo grunted something distinctly uncouth.

“Exactly my feelings my articulate friend.”


Lina frantically jerked the Land Chaser into a sharp left turn. It was a desperate move that payed off as just behind her a shell exploded in the midst of the Chasers following her sending reploids and bikes flying in all directions.

Any feelings she had about the sudden carnage was immediately overwhelmed as Lina's bike plowed into the midst of the mutant army charging towards the trenches. The insane cannibal behind her jumped ship landing in the middle of the mutants where he became a whirlwind of destruction flailing about with Arm and his hatchet.

Had she the time to watch Lina would have been shocked at just how effective Jumpy really was at dismembering anything and everything around him. But the second she turned to look the front of her Chaser plowed into the back of a hulking mutant. The impact launched her into the air giving her a perfect view to see the mutant stagger as the Chaser exploded then regain his balance and continue forward. All without taking his finger off the trigger of the gattling gun he was scything across the leading edge of the Freelancers' trench.

The impact of her landing drove the air completely from Lina's artificial lungs and she saw stars while the world slowly faded to black.


On the roof of the Stomping Grounds the three mages and Zeo continued to watch the wand. After a long moment Damien crossed his arms.

“What -exactly- did you plan on accomplishing with this?” He asked.

Shensei shrugged her thin shoulders uneasily. “I was trying to bind the wand. Make it unusable.”

“Congratulations on fucking up.” Damien said through clenched teeth.

“Maybe we can turn this to our advantage.” Both mages turned towards Dan who stared up at the wand with a big smile on his face. “Shensei, can you direct it?”

“I... Not exactly.”

“All we need to do is give it a shove in the right direction.”

“I think I could manage that.”

Dan's smile widened. “I know you can.”

“What are you do – ah. Yes. Yes I see.” Damien began to smile as well. None present failed to note the disturbing overdeveloped length of his canines. “Do it.” He commanded and Shensei obeyed.


Kail's red eyes narrowed to slits as his COMM crackled with Damien's order to retreat. Just ahead of him the first few mutants were about to reach the lip of the trench. Damien repeated his order and again the Destroyer hesitated. Finally he grudgingly complied shouting for the Freelance Reploids to pull back; his raspy voice carrying easily over the battlefield.

As the Freelancers retreated they split into two groups giving the raging necromantic wand plenty of leeway as it streaked across the sky. Still two raking arcs of power tracked through the retreating bands as though the wand were belligerently proving why it was to be avoided. Just over the mutant horde the pure white shield turned utterly opaque. Then it dropped like a stone.

The explosion was something mercenaries -some of whom had seen Executioner Mark II missiles explode- would talk about for years to come.

Debris of flesh and bone rained down over the battlefield and rebounded from the heavy armor of the Behemoth tank and the wounded Dragon.


The mighty Whopper took a deep wet breath and tried to control his convulsions. His fists were clenched so hard his sharpened nails bit into his palms; blood dribbled from the wounds to patter against the deck.

“Get my boys out there!” He snarled.

“Attack?” Big 'n' Tasty asked, sounding incredulous. “Dey done blown up a tank and tore da treads off da other. We should retreat Flame Broiled One!”

Whopper jerked out of his command chair and slammed Big 'n' Tasty against the wall before his subordinate realized what was happening. Big 'n' Tasty whimpered as his leader's blood sizzled against the flesh of his neck.

“Sorry boss. Just a suggestion.”

The mighty Whopper leaned in close to Big 'n' Tasty's ear and softly growled, “My way. All the way.” A sharp clench of his fingers snapped Big 'n' Tasty's neck like a rotten twig. Whopper threw him aside and snatched up his war axe from beside his command chair. Resting that against his shoulder the mutant leader flicked open a COMM channel and roared, “EVERYBODY FIGHT!”


Aurora's lavender eyes widened as the main ramps on the Behemoth tank lowered. Hordes of mutant spawn stormed down it onto the desert floor. Behind her Vier's excited whoops stopped as abruptly as though someone had hit mute on a tv. She was apparently letting her bazooka speak for her.


Above them Jim banked the Gryphon around in a hard turn. “Hang on to your ass hole!”

Kaze snorted and smashed his thumbs down on the firing studs of his gun strafing the rushing mass of mutants below him.

Jim kept his eye on the prize and primed two Hellstorm missiles as the yawning chasm left open by the lowered boarding ramp of the Behemoth grew large and larger in front of him. Defensive weapons set on either side of the entrance chattered filling the air with energy and bullets. The Gryphon began to buck as explosive rounds impacted against its armor. Still Jim pressed forward feeding even more power to the gunship's overpowered engines. Behind him Kaze demanded they abort the run. His tirade of curses ended suddenly when shrapnel filled his gunwell.

At the last second Jim hit the firing stud releasing the Hellstorms and jerked back on the yoke jerking the Gryphon's nose up and just barley avoiding the over-hanging armor of the Behemoth's entrance.

As the Behemoth tank belched smoke and fire below him Jim finally began checking his screaming instruments. Through them the Gryphon assured its pilot that unless it was landed soon it had every intention of falling out of the sky.



On the battlefield Whopper let out a rolling thunderous bellow of dismay at the damage to his prized tank and turned his bloodshot eyes on the mercenaries charging back for their trench. “KILL 'EM! KILL 'EM ALL BOYS!”

“YOUR WAY ALL THE WAY!” His horde roared back.


At the entrance to the garage Auger kicked himself into high gear. Every weapon was fully reloaded and charged to peak capacity. Now he just needed to reach the battlefield before it was all over.

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