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Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:18pm

Scope grabbed hold of the edge of the gunwell as the massive tank below him shook violent. "Betta than I 'ad realized..." He muttered. Just then a gunship roared past his gunwell, leaving his teeth shaking. Now that his employer was sans their artillery, he had the distinct impression that this was going to get real ugly, real fast. He'd done his homework and he knew that there were some particularly talented close combat fighters in the mercenary outfit they were going after. He hadn't realized just how well equipped they were and that they had managed to stop three of the most potent war-machines on the planet stripped the mutants of their one edge: Overwhelming Firepower.

"Well, a job's a job. I gotta shoot till there ain't no one left to pay me." He said, steadying his rifle on the side of the gun's nest again. He had his exit and a field full of targets. If somehow the mutants did win, he'd stand to make some pretty good coin. If not, he could bail pretty easily.

"Sorry fella..." He said, lining up one of the mercenaries in his crosshairs, "Nothin' personal."


Maq gritted her teeth as she led the mercenaries back into the trench. Her sword at the ready, the mutant hordes were approaching quickly. "Get ready!" She yelled.

A few feet from her, a mercenary she didn't know's life was violently ended as the top of his chest exploded in a display of mechanical parts and synth-blood. His primary CPU was pulverized beyond any recognition. She flinched involuntarily at the gruesome end, and she saw several of the mercenaries hit the deck to avoid the same situation. Sniper fire... She cursed to herself, There goes that zero fatalaties record that Axel had preserved.


Aurora twisted hard on the controls of the APC, flinching at the gruesome sounds outside. The massive, armored hide of the treaded APC was good protection from the small arms fire coming back at her. Yet, the mutant horde had opened up just in front of her, leaving her little option but to try to drive straight through it. Dozens of mutilated, mutant bodies were pulped under the treads fo the vehicle and she could sense, almost intutively, that they were literally gumming up the drive motors.

Vier however was enjoying herself immensly. She had abandoned the bazooka, dropping it back inside the APC, and was firing Zelda with wild abandon with one hand and her pulse-cannons mowing through a wad of mutants with the other. The little return fire pattered off the heavily armored hides.

The sensors of the APC were nothing amazing but they finally had managed to map the edge of the horde and Aurora turned the armored behemoth towards it. She took a moment's glance towards the gunnery station and with a mental effort, triggered the auto-fire mode of the dual chain guns mounted on the front of the tank. She'd mow her way a path out of this mess or else she and Vier would likely be overwhelmed!

Top side, the motors on the cannons warmed up and the fourteen barrels of the chainguns began swivelling in place until they were nothing more than a blur. With a roaring sound akin to a giant chainsaw, the chain guns opened up, firing blindly ahead of them. Huge chunks of mutants were ripped free in a haphazard fashion from the large calibre shells

However, the machine was clearly straining as the wads of flesh and bone grated agains the treads of the tank. They would make it, but they would be particularly slow once they had cleared the horde and there would be little to keep them from being overwhelmed again.


Demios twisted the throttle on the Mars open full. He'd only barely make it but he was going to give the Freelancers whatever advantage he could.

The edge of the horde, was just about to hit the lip of the defensive trench, the mercenaries firing whatever weapons they had at the approaching wad of mutants. Blast sabers and blades were at the ready for the brutal, merciless close-combat that would ensue. Just as the first weapons were raised to attack, Demios triggered this disable switch on the Mars's Aero shell and gritted his teeth.

The Mars was going probably close to Mach 2 when the aeroshell disappeared. Suddenly, the armored prow of the LandChaser and Demios's considerable bulk were exposed to the air above the horde. With a gut-wrenching pull, he eaisly displaced several hundred pounds of air and produced a sizable blast wave and a powerful sonic boom. Several of the weaker mutants were knocked off their feet and the larger ones quickly threw up their limbs to protect themselves from the sand that the sonic boom had kicked up.

Meanwhile, the reploid mercenaries were able to easily adjust to the roaring sound, most of them finding their audio-equipment automatically adjusting to handle it. Those humans who hadn't had the lip of the trench to protect them from much of the blast wave and since they were farther away, the sonic boom was less worrisome.

In the momentary quietness that followed, a lone voice roared from the mercenary trench, a blood red blastsaber raised: "KILL THEM ALL!" Roared the destroyer, before triggering his jump jets and wading in.

It would be the destroyer's first great challenge in quite some time: Would he be able to fight without killing a single mutant?

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