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Zeo Grey
Damien's Doom Device
Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:59am

Consciousness returned slowly and with it came pain. Lina's eyes snapped open as a wet hand encircled her throat. Hovering in front of her was a face from hell. A bulging-eyed monstrosity whose teeth were bared in a sickening smile. The muscles along the mutants arm and shoulder rippled as he hoisted the reploid smoothly up into the air, fingers tightening vice-like around her neck.

Blood rushed through her ears as Lina scrabbled frantically at the mutants forearm. So massive was he that she couldn't reach his face no matter how much she tried. In desperation her hands fell to the belt encircling her waist and clamped down on a cold cylinder lodged at the small of her back. Lina brought the beam saber up and pointed the emitter at the mutant's face. His jaw dropped just as she hit the activation button sending a scintillating blue beam straight through the mutant's open mouth and out the back of his neck. With all her strength Lina jerked up on the blade sending it burning up through the mutant's skull to part his head cleanly in half. They fell in a heap with too-thick blood raining down on them and Lina took a grateful sobbing breath as the monstrous fingers fell away from her throat.

Stumbling to her feet she didn't even have time to take stock before Lina was forced to defend herself as an axe careened down on her from above. She threw herself to the side and whipped her beam saber up through the mutant's arm lopping the limb off at the elbow.

Again and again she avoided death by a hair's breadth. But each encounter left her weaker. Her power core, never designed for such strenuous activity, was already sputtering turning her limbs to lead and no amount of panting could cool it fast enough.

Demios's maneuver came as a deus ex machina for Lina. She scrambled to her feet well before the mutants and rebounded from a terribly familiar chest plate. Her reflection in the triangular shield gem was utterly foreign. Covered in fluids and bruised. Only the fear gleaming in her eyes was familiar.


Zeo, finding no help with the Freelancers' spellcasters, charged from the Stomping Grounds out into the desert eating the distance between the compound and the mercenaries' last-stand trench in a mile-eating lope. A titanic leap carried him into the trench itself and his landing coincided perfectly with Demios's sonic boom. So it was that the berserker was the first over the lip in the wake of the Mars. His charge was interrupted when something small rebounded from his chest. Looking down he laughed to see the whore whose body he had occupied only minutes before staring up at him covered in blood with his saber clutched white-knuckle in her right hand.

There was no time for pleasantries. Around them the mutants were already regaining their feet and despite the opportunistic mercenaries wasting no time in capitalizing on the mutants' disarray they still held a crushing numerical advantage. Muttering a curse Zeo snatched his belt from Lina's slim waist and whipped it around his own hips. No sooner had the buckle snapped closed than were the Deacon XIIs filling his hands blazing hot death for any malformed freak that dared try itself against the berserker.


Cocker peered over the edge of the trench his enhanced vision sweeping across the smoke-oozing carcasses of the three Ducandian tanks. A sniper was hiding somewhere on one of them and it was the ranger-class reploid's job to smoke him out. Fear coiled painfully in Cocker's gut for he had never engaged in a true sniper's duel before and he could already tell the other sniper was very very good at what he did.

A glint of movement in a turret well caught Cocker's eye. Ever so slowly he brought his rifle up and settled it on the edge of the trench settling his face against the stock and nestling up to its simple scope. It took a full twelve heartbeats for the sniper to reveal himself again and when he did a thrill of excitement swept through the young ranger's body. His finger tightened instinctively on the trigger in time with a slow exhale of breath. Just as he was less than a centimeter from firing the torso of a Freelancer slammed into the cracked desert just next to him its flopping arm slapping against his shoulder pauldron. The rifle cracked and Cocker cursed as the bullet sparked off the lip of the gun well. The enemy sniper swiveled with snake-like speed and quick-fired in one smooth motion. Only Cocker's incredible speed saved his skull. He threw himself to the dirt with a terrified shriek. The enemy sniper's bullet shattered his rifle sending shrapnel flying in all directions. Several razor-edged chunks opened deep gashes on his face and scalp.

Atop the ruined Behemoth tank Scope pulled back from his rifle's scope and let out an amused grunt.

“Not bad kid.”


Whopper swirled his massive battle axe around in a scything arc and bellowed his war cry as bodies, his enemies and underlings both, flew backwards spraying blood and vital fluids in brilliant crimson arcs as they fell. Heaving his blade around and up the warlord brought it down on a struggling reploid's helmeted head. The axe cleaved through the titanium x armor and bit deep into the earth under the reploid's skull with a wet crunch.

Jerking his axe free the Whopper's piggish eyes widened in surprise then narrowed to slits as a black armored reploid seemed to almost float through the carnage towards him. The mutant could just barely make out the reploid's baleful red eyes through the shadows of his helm.

Kail had seen the gargantuan mutant -largest on the field- and made his way towards the blood-mad warrior. The Destroyer knew he was the leader of the horde from the quality of his armor and a tattered red cloak that barely covered his shoulders. Any experienced assassin would know that the morale of a rabble like that opposing the Freelancers depended utterly on its leader. If he fell they would break. Kail rightfully considered himself the best of assassins and so cleaved his way towards the axe-wielding giant his progress frustratingly hampered by the fact that he could only strike to wound.

Fortunately he had become a rallying point for the mercenaries and those following him were quick to dispatch the wounded left in his wake all the while wondering at the necessity of it. The foundation of Kail's reputation was his utter devotion to the death of any that stood in his path. Now it seemed he struck only to wound. It was mystifying and as Kail squared off against Whopper the dark assassin knew it for the handicap it was. His instincts and programming knew that not even a maiming wound would drop the mutant leader.

But the Destroyer had given his word and by it he was bound.

Whopper, sensing the unbalance in his foe struck first with a powerful stab that grated against Kail's armor as he side-stepped with the shriek of metal on metal. His red saber flashed in retaliation and rebounded from the thick haft of the battle axe.

Spinning around Kail lopped a mutant's grasping hands off even as he set himself in an attack position. A flash of gold alerted him to the presence of Maquestan Crasher at his side.

“Quit playing and gut this son of a bitch!” She snarled, twisting her katana out of the guts of a dying green-skinned mutant.

“I cannot.” Kail grated back.

Maq's jaw almost dropped. “What?”

“I gave my word.”

“Whatever.” The former CO's hand was a blur of white and blue as she quick-drew her Lumbar Breaker from its holster on her thigh and shot Whopper right between the eyes blowing gore and bits of bone out the back of his head as it exited.

For a long second the mutant warlord stood, a look of shock etched on his broad features. Then his eyes rolled back and he toppled to the ground.


On the roof of the Stomping Grounds compound Dan Crasher's weathered face split into a wide smile. “That'a girl.” He whispered.

Behind him Damien's eyes gleamed red through his sunglasses and his mouth moved; muttering in a low monotone reminding ancient forces of pacts forged in blood on pages of human flesh. The sky above, once brilliantly blue, became overcast with looming blackness that roiled upon itself like an ocean of ink. Strange shapes, only vaguely visible, slithered through the darkness sending tendrils of dread through any being that glimpsed them.

From that horror an indescribable thing descended and wept arcs of red energy from gaping wounds raging across its form. The energy struck deep in the mutant horde incinerating flesh and bone so completely not even dust remained.

The onslaught lasted exactly four seconds and when it ended a full four-fifths of the mutants were simply gone. That and the loss of their leader utterly destroyed the coherency of the horde and the mutants broke pulling back in a ragged retreat towards the unforgiving wasteland of the desert. Even the harsh death of dehydration was preferable to continuing the fight.

Zeo, straddling Lina's supine form, dropped his blood and brain splattered pistols and staggered backwards. Slowly his fingers curled around the hilt of the crudely forged sword implanted fully to the crossguard in his chest. With a muttered curse he began to pull. Inch by inch the blade came free of his flesh and blood splattered across the hardpan under his armored boots. When the blade was finally free it fell from the berserker's numb fingers as he collapsed staring up at the fading darkness that resonated so completely with the Dark Energy at the center of his being. A second later pain claimed him completely and he slipped into a coma filled with strange gliding shapes and bone shattering cold.

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