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Desperate Mutants
Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:35pm

Even if less than eighty percent of the mutants remained, there were still hundreds and as they ran from the Stomping Grounds, several identified the still working APC and various Land Chaser pilots as targets, intent on stealing their vehicles and using them for their get away.

Vier was emptying plasma shotgun into any mutant who got close to the APC, fighting top side. Where before a manic grin had been plastered across her features, the desperation of the mutants had twisted this into a frown. Before they had been a nuisance cutting through a wad of cautious warriors. Now they were the sole target of paniced survivors.

Aurora locked in the auto-driver and climbed to the top of the APC to assist Vier. The tank rumbled on at barely more than a steady walk, as screwed up as the drive motor was and the chainguns had long since run out of ammo. Aurora had never been a part of combat this directly. Yet, she had been programmed with dozens of combat routines and her adaptive matrix was well suited to the task. Ready but untested, Aurora drew one of the two magi-link sabers and ignited the deep, violet blade. She leapt in front of the vehicle, ready to cut its path back home.

The first Mutant that charged her was a tall, lanky one wielding a crude slice of metal that looked more like scrap than a sword. Twisted muscles swung the heavy blade down at her and Aurora nimbly stepped to the side. She quickly cut a slash across the mutant's chest, severing his arm and cutting apart his ribs and a lung in the process. He wailed in pain and dropped.

Aurora had no time to examine her handiwork as the next one came at her. A much, larger, corpulent mutant who wielding a massive chain-gun which had apparently run out of ammo. He swung the gun like a baseball bat and Aurora managed to jump backwards, out of the way. She landed momentarily on the advancing tank before springing forward. She leapt over the mutant, twising in midair to cut her blade through his head. The plasma errupted the mutant's head, sending softmeats splattering across the desert moments before the tank would crush his body.

Aurora met two more, dispatching them as quickly. The paniced mutants were of no great skill and, even as unsalted as Aurora was, her clearly superior weaponry, skill and condition let her cut through those mutants who attacked. That was, until a particularly massive and well armed mutant rumbled from the crowd. "Big Mac! Help us!" Cried one of the weaker mutants, who had hung back from attacking.

Big Mac grunted and raised his weapon; a massive, twisted ball of steel on a length of Aurora identified as omnium chain. The twisted wreckage of a ball began swinging overhead and Aurora quickly pulled the second Magilink saber. Her programming told her that his extra-reach was an advantage and she would need to shorten the difference. After plugging the saber's emitter end into the bottom of the first, she thumbed the activation switch and the blade grew about fifty percent longer. The base of the blade flared and the intensity of the plasma was visibly increased. Taking the weapon in two hands, she pointed it vaguely at Big Mac's throat.

The mutant swung his weapon. Easily a hundred pounds, the twisted wreackage ball swung out at Aurora and she nimbly dropped to all fours, the ball just missing the fluttering hair that trailed her. She pushed forward, intent on getting inside his range and cutting him down. Big Mac brought the weapon around again, trying to catch Aurora with the length of chain.

As easily as a pole vaulter twists over the bar at the top of their jump, Auroa slipped around the chain, barely breaking her stride. Another few steps and shed be in range. Her advance was cut short though as crude bullets filled the air in front of her. Another mutant had leveled his submachine gun and was trying to assist his bigger brother.

As the chain came around again, Aurora was unsure if she was going to be able to dodge both the bullets and the ball and chain. However, the report of Vier's shotgun silenced the gunner and the lithe reploid managed to barely avoid the chain again. She had lost a lot of ground and now moved to come back to grips with Big Mac.

Her elongated saber swung out towards the mutant but he managed to avoid it, dropping back and using the momentum to increase the speed of the swing. Aurora had to abort to the ground and felt a few strands of hair get yanked out of her head as they caught in the chain. Too close! She thought to herself. She scrambled to her feet after the chain had passed and swung twice more and twice more the hulking mutant avoided her swings, ducking or dodging aside while continuing the swing of the weapon.

At this rate, I'm going to miss my dodge one too many times. She thought to herself, when an idea occured to her. If she could stop the weapon from swinging, she would have free-reign to cut the mutant down. She couldn't sever the chain. Her weapon would not cut through it nor would actually cutting the ball itself be a very good idea. The sheer impact force would probably knock her blade across the desert. However...

She paused a moment and looked directly at the ball as it swung. Inside her, the Adaptive Matrix quickly analyized the weapon and began to extrapolate the similarities between it and everything else it had managed to affect with telekinesis. It created a spell and with nary a word, telekinetic forces gripped at the ball. The matrix was cautious, having little data as to how much magic energy was safe to expend and Aurora's force of will had been a strange unknown factor in its calculations. Yet, the spinning ball began to slow significantly.

When before she had maybe seconds between swings to dodge, Aurora got almost ten this time. Big Mac's bloodshot eyes widened in surprise as his weapon seemed to slow without his intending it to. He managed to dodge several of Aurora's long swings before finally being nicked by one. In surprise, pain and shock, he let go of the weapon clutching at his side and the plasma burn that was there.

Triumphant, Aurora closed, intent on cutting the mutant down in his pain. She raised the weapon over her shoulder when the mutant reached out and grabbed her hands and the hilt of the weapon in a single massive fist. "I tricked you...." He said through mangled teeth, "I not hurt." He reached back with his other fist, intent on punishing Aurora's face.

He never got the chance as a blast of plasma cut the mutant's arm off at the shoulder. The heavy thud of armored boots behind her caused Aurora to twist her head, "Father!" She yelled in mild relief.

"I'm coming." Demios said. Both arms formed into busters, he was quickly making short work of the remaining mutants. Big Mac himself, slackened and fell to the ground, his body in shock from the erasure of one of its major limbs. Aurora retreated behind the massive green reploid as he continued to land accurate fire on any mutant that so much as looked their way. A smattering of return fire came back at them, no more than ten shots and the only ones that were accurate simply bounced off of Demios's thick hide.

"You okay?" He asked as the last of the mutants in the area fled.

"Yes, thank you." Aurora said, exhaustion overcoming her.

"See, zis is ze reason I stopped working wis you, Demios. You are ze hog." Vier said, reflexively reloading her shotgun a fake pout on her lips, "You shot zem all and left no more for me."

Demios simply laughed.

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