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mutant puss
Tue Mar 2, 2010 2:14am

Maquestan Crasher shoved her Lumbar Breaker back into the holster strapped to her thigh and then turned her violet eyes from the twitching body of Whopper to the black armored assassin standing over him.

"How much do you love me?" she asked, then noticed tide of the battle start to turn as the leaderless mutants broke and ran. "I don't think they want to play anymore."

Before Kail could respond he noticed a big brained mutant dashing towards the two of them. One of his arms had already been blown off in an explosion that left half of his body looking like peperoni pizza, but in his good hand he carried a serrated combat knife and looked intent on avenging the death of his commander. With her back turned, Maq neither saw him loping towards her nor heard the maniac hiss through twisted, drooling lips "You're mine, sweety" as he aimed to drive the eight-inch blade into her unsuspecting spine.

Without thinking, Kail instinctively knocked Maq out of the way and drove his dual gauntlet blades into the temple of the mutant's oversized head. The razor sharp weapons cut through flesh, bone and brain with ease and lodged inside just behind the right eye. The mutant known as Junior Deluxe dropped his knife, soiled his pants and went limp.

"Thanks alot. I got mutant puss on me." Crasher said from where she fell on Whopper's body. Upon looking up and seeing Kail's blades stuck in the large cranium of Junior Deluxe she asked "I thought you said you couldn't kill anybody."

Kail swore loudly.


On the other side of the battlefield, the mutants scattered like roaches.

"Make a run for the border!" shouted one four-armed monstrosity, rallying the others to retreat.

A bigger mutant who they called Jumbo Jack came bounding up to him and yelled "No one gave the order to retreat! Where's the beef?"

The six-limbed marauder replied "Whopper was taken off the menu! I'm doing what tastes right!"

"You want us to eat more chicken?" Jack snarled.

"We came hungry, but if you want to leave happy then we've got to think outside the bun!"

Angered by the four-armed mutant's cowardice, Jumbo Jack slammed one of his massive fists into the other's chest. The torso gave way under the force of the blow and quickly dissolved into sand-like particles. To Jumbo Jack it looked as though the other mutant was melting before his eyes.

Rather than reform into a solid, HONN instructed its nanobots to hover and transform into a cloud-like vapor. The artificial gas swirled around the mutant and when he breathed it in he didn't realize he was actually drawing tiny machines into his own body. Once inside, the nanobots went to work in the mutant's lungs. They tore and dug at the soft tissue and, when numerous enough, reformed into sharp objects with pointy edges.

Jumbo Jack was brought to his knees in less than a minute. Figuring that it was the gas that was hurting him after he started coughing up blood and little chunks of lung, the mutant clasped his hand over his mouth and nose. It did little good as the nanobots then began entering his body through the eyes and ears. They blinded him before he could watch HONN drill its way out of the mutant's chest, but he was still able to feel it before he died.


Skalpal was in the mess hall administering first aid to an injured mercenary when Kail kicked him over and threw an unconscious mutant at his feet and demanded that the medic "fix him". The mutant was in terrible shape. He was missing a limb, bore third degree burns over at least a quarter of his body, and worst of all had two gaping holes in his head from which oozed dark blood.

Skalpal sat stunned for a moment then asked the assassin "Are you kidding? Half the base is in need of some form of medical attention and you want me to treat an enemy who's at death's door?"

"Yes." said Kail as though that was enough. "I don't care if he ends up a vegetable. Just keep his heart beating."

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