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Another day in paradise (new mission)
Sun Mar 7, 2010 2:03am

NRP: Had a few minutes so to keep the game moving along I decided to post the set up to the next mission. It's sort of impromptu so not a lot of flavor text. Just the facts.


Through tinted sunglasses Damien studied the damage to the Stomping Grounds. The entire compound had fallen into a deplorable state of disrepair after years of neglect even before the recent mutant attack. Now an odd incident involving a living mud monster left most of the buildings half buried in earth.

"I've conducted a cursory survey of the damage, sir, and have compiled a rough appraisal." Giles Pinchley, the FR accountant, said from beside his employer. He held out the report. "In short, most of these buildings should be condemned."

Without even bothering to take the file folder, Damien instructed the Englishman to "Call a meeting. I want everyone there."

The general assembly was held in the SG mess hall. It regularly would have been in the briefing auditorium, but a mortar shell had struck it during the mutant attack and blown a hole in the roof. Before Damien even began to speak, the gathered mercenaries began yelling out complaints such as "There's no hot water in the barracks!" and "This place is getting smelly without the incinerators burning the trash!" He silenced them by rapping on the table with his gloved fist as though it were a gavel.

"Repair crews are already on route from Delta City as we speak; construction experts, electrical engineers, security system specialists... I'm having the entire compound put back together. Even the pinball machine in the bar will be fixed."

An uneasy murmur spread across the assemblage of mercs. What Damien said was indeed a good thing and long overdue, but it seemed a little too good to be true. They did call him the son of Satan, after all.

He continued "While the repairs are being conducted, you'll all be sent on a mission. Your first assignment under my command will be..."

The crowd held its breath. Here it came.

" take a vacation. While the Stomping Grounds are restored, I want you all to be as well. I know mercenary work is tough and you haven't been given the chance to relax very often, so I want to start off right by getting all of you rested up for the big battles ahead. So I'm putting you all on a transport to Fiji."

"Who's Fiji?" Cross shouted out.

"Fiji is a bunch of islands in the Pacific. It's a paradise, untouched by the wars. You'll be there for two weeks. Two weeks to lay in the sun, swim in the ocean, get laid, or whatever else you want to do. I know it'll be hard for some of you, but I'm ordering you to have fun."

Cross shouted again, but this time his cry was "Let's hear it for the commander!" The crowd, now too overwhelmed by Damien's generosity, cheered.

The sorcerer silenced them again with his fist upon the table, then continued "Auger, Gatling and a few others are being assigned to Psycho Squad and will stay behind to handle base defenses. All other active mercenaries have one day to settle your affairs. The Albatross departs at oh-eight-hundred tomorrow morning and you're all expected to be on it.


NRP: I'll post the actual start of the mission later. Just wanted to give you guys the chance to do something before we get entangled in another mission that's sure to take several months.

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