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Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:23pm

NRP: A little homage for all you Lost fans out there.


"Everybody strap in! I don't know how much longer I can keep this thing in the air!"

"What'd you fly us into, Sikorsky?"

"It's not my fault! The storm just came out of nowhere! It's not my fault!"

"We're all gunna die!!!"

"Everybody stay calm!"

"If I'm going out I'm going out happy!"

"Cross, touch my boob again and I'll break your nose!"

"This is the worst vacation ever!"


Axel's blue eye snapped open and adjusted to the light. From where he lay face-up in soft foliage he could see specks of clear blue sky peeking through the tops of jungle trees that were swaying gently in the breeze. Tropical birds all around him sang so loudly that he could only barely hear the faint crash of waves in the distance.

The reploid performed a quick internal diagnostic before sitting up. It reported no damage to primary systems and as his brain completed start-up protocols he began to remember what had happened; the freak storm that blew the Albatross off course, the crash on the beach, and the jolt that'd caused his systems to shut down after he staggered into the jungle.

"Captain Cossack to Captain Crasher." he said into his comm unit. "You there, Maq? Axel to any Freelance Reploids. Does anyone read me?"

When no reply came he began to wonder if the device was damaged. Worrying that it was working fine but that he was in fact the wreck's sole survivor, Axel went in search of the others. Wandering towards what sounded like surf, the Russian stumbled upon something wholly unexpected: a wall of limestone blocks partially covered in vines.

Closer inspection revealed not just a wall, but an entire structure hidden by the jungle. A few monkeys scattered into the trees when he walked around the building. Axel had heard of islanders building temples before, but nothing like this. It looked new and unweathered, and the chiseled markings looked like Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

The sound of Liska screaming nearby got Axel's attention like a gunshot. He went bounding through the jungle towards it and exploded through the foliage onto the beach ready for combat. He felt a little foolish when he saw most of the mercs there playing volleyball in the sand. Liska's team was loosing.

Nearby the Albatross lay like a beached whale right where it had crashed. Axel plodded over to it and found Maq arguing with Kail. The assassin was saying something about not having fun in swim trunks and thereby disobeying orders. Maq huffed "Fine. Wear whatever you want, but I'm telling you your armor's going to be like an oven in this heat."

"Reporting for duty." Axel said as he approached the two.

Upon spotting him Maq exclaimed "There you are! Great, that means everyone's accounted for. Kail, you can go tell Shade and Demios to stop searching."

"They'll figure it out eventually." the assassin muttered as he walked off towards the shade. He was already starting to get hot.

Jim Sikorsky poked his head out of the transport, saying "Hiya Cap. All in one piece?"

"Seem to be." Axel answered, unconsciously placing a hand on the back of his head. "How's the transport?"

The pilot climbed out and shook his head. "Well, there's good news and bad news. Good news is that the 'tross herself is pretty much in tact. Bad news is that the last lightning strike fried a some of our onboard computers. That's something we can't repair with just coconuts. The circuit boards themselves have to be replaced or this bird ain't flyin'."

"It gets worse." Maq interjected. "For some reason we can't call for help. It's like the SatNet just isn't there. Not even our personal comm units are working. There must be something on the island jamming them. We can't even use a GPS to find out where we're at."

Axel's gaze turned from the white sands and crystal clear water of the beach to the tropical jungle behind them. It was the first time he noticed a volcano rising from the center of the island, as perfect as a painting. "Maybe we died in the crash and this is paradise."

"If that were true I don't think Kail would be here." Maq laughed.

"But it's not all doom and gloom." Sikorsky continued. "When the SG doesn't hear from us they're bound to come looking. Till then we can catch a little R and R as planned."

Nearby, Shade burst from the jungle and ran directly towards the two captains. Before he reached them Axel shouted "Did you find me yet?"

"No, something better!" the merc replied excitedly. "First I found a pirate ship in the jungle, and then Demios saw a monster made out of black smoke!"

"A smoke monster?!?" Maq exclaimed.

Axel's blue eyes looked back at the volcano. It now seemed a little more ominous than it had before. He wondered "What are we going to find on this island?"


NRP: Everybody just have fun with this. You don't have to explore the island, I just threw this stuff in to make the place a little more interesting. My next post is going to be about the mercs just having fun on the beach. Oh, and don't forget just about the whole FR is supposed to be there so feel free to write about them. Zeo, Vier, Cross, Sonmura, Kaze, Shinsei, Laiken, Hilton, Demios, Shade, Dan Crasher, Aurora, Lock, Liska and anyone else you can think of.

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                  Aurora was eating up the information that Shinsei was teaching her. Ether fields, spell fundamentals, language characteristics, incantation weaving; all of it Aurora absorbed like a ravenous dog ate... more
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