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Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:50am

NRP - Been trying to get this up for a couple of days. I adapted it to Kail's post, so it should fit.

--Earlier on the Albatross Transport--

Aurora cupped her chin in her hand as she leaned her arm on one of the storage crates in the spacious interior of the transport. All of the Mercenaries were eagerly anticipating their vacation and had knotted up into different groups discussing their plans. A larger group of mercenaries dominated the center, drinking and talking about the women they would be conquering, alcohol they'd be consuming and laziness they'd be indulging in.

Not too far from her, Demios and Glitch lounged on heavy steel crates discussing the latest in Land Chaser technology and Hilton stood nearby, adding his two cents whenever the discussion turned more technical. The two gearheads had secured several of the mercenaries's 'Chasers for recreational use during their vacation. Aurora knew her father loved his 'Chaser and had spent extra tender care in packing it away in the steel crate he now sat on.

Even Zeo seemed to be enjoying himself, if that was at all possible, while he punished Lina for a mis-step once again. The brave, if suicidal, woman gritted her teeth and laid on again while some nearby mercs placed bets to see how long she would last this time.

Aurora sighed. All the mercenaries were so energetic. Each of them had hobbies, likes and dislikes. She wasn't even sure what she did or didn't like. Just as she was about to get up and take a closer look at Zeo and Lina's training, two Reploids approached the storage crates. She had met Captain Axel. The other reploid was maybe a hair taller than she was, with long blonde hair. There was a certain way some of the Mercenaries carried themselves that Aurora had picked up on. She was a veteran, for sure.

"Demios," Axel said, "Jim's wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a turn at the flight stick. He's getting hungry and doesn't want to fly and eat."

Her father shrugged and nodded, "Sure. I'll babysit the auto-pilot for a while."

Axel nodded then turned and noticed Aurora. She must've looked particular pathetic because his eyes immediately softened when he saw her, which suddenly made her self-concious. I must be the only one who doesn't look like they're going to have fun.

Noticing the look, Maq walked over to her, "You must be new, I haven't met you before. I'm Captain Maquestan Crasher." She said, face lit in a smile offering her hand.

Aurora took it and shook it, "Aurora. Um, yeah... I'm kind of new." She said, unsure exactly what to say.

Demios grinned and added, "Cap', that's my daughter. She was just activated not even a month ago."

Maq nodded and suddenly Aurora felt even more self-conscious. ...I don't want to be just Demios's daughter. She thought to herself.

"Actually," Demios added, "The three of you have something in common." He said, pointing to Axel, Maq and Aurora. "You guys are all reploids who can use magic."

Maq blinked her eyes and looked back to Aurora, "Really? You can use magic?"

Aurora's face flushed, "Y,yeah... A little bit."

Maq's smile turned to a broad grin, "Isn't it great? What kind of spells do you know?"

Spells? "Spells?" She hadn't ever heard of the word 'spell' associated with magic before. She tried to access the SatNet to figure out what spells were but for some reason, she wasn't able to. "What are spells?"

Maq blinked then turned to Demios, "You weren't much of a trainer, were you?" She said, half joking.

Demios held his hands up in defense, "Hey, I blow stuff up the old fashioned way, okay? Plasma."

Maq shook her head and rolled her eyes, grinning all the while, "Spells are ways to invoke magic. See?" She murmured softly to herself before flicking her hand out towards her unwitting victim. The beer in the victim's bottle jumped straight out of the bottle and all over his face. A yelp of "What the hell!?" covered Maq's giggling.

Aurora watched and she could feel the Adaptive Matrix in her mind going at the spell with full speed, "Well, I can do something a little like that." She said, concentrating on a nearby beer bottle.

Her telekinesis grabbed it and floated it up and away from the cooler. Axel grinned and nabbed it from out of the air, twisting the top off and saying, "Thanks."

Maq looked back at her and smiled, "That was really good! You can already do non-verbal spells?"

Aurora blinked, "I... Guess? I just kind of think about what happens and my Adaptive Matrix takes care of the rest." She said.

Demios placed his hands on her shoulders, standing behind her, "Don't rely too much on the Adaptive Matrix, Aurora. It's a powerful tool and it will help you in a lot of ways but you need to be able to think on your own feet."

Aurora looked up to see him, "I understand. I guess I need to learn how to cast 'spells' myself."

Maq grinned, "I can help with that and besides, there are a lot of mages in the Freelance Reploids. Each one would probably love to talk about their magic."

"Heh. Maybe I should be pre-emptive," Demios said, "And ask Dan about how raising a magic-wielding daughter."

Maq stuck out her tounge in jest at him. "Nyah..."

Aurora smiled for the first time on the flight. Learning about magic sounded fun! Maybe she would have a hobbie after all! Yet, just as she thought that, the transport shuddered under turbulance.

"Everybody strap in! I don't know how much longer I can keep this thing in the air!" Came Jim over the loudspeaker.

-- After the Crash --

Demios switched off the engine of the Mars and the massive turbine died. He flicked up the visor on his helmet and said, "Nothing."

Maq frowned, "Nothing?"

"Nothing. No islands, no ships, no aircraft. Nothing."

"Alright, thanks for looking. We must really be in the middle of nowhere." She crossed her arms, "Alright, well, I need you to get with Shade and go look for Axel. He's about the only one unaccounted for."

"Alright." Demios said, climbing off the back of the Mars and pulling off his helmet before heading into the jungle.

Maq watched him leave then sighed, "Well, might as well enjoy the sun while I can."

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                Aurora was eating up the information that Shinsei was teaching her. Ether fields, spell fundamentals, language characteristics, incantation weaving; all of it Aurora absorbed like a ravenous dog ate... more
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