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Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:03am

Demios shielded his eyes with his arm as the light poured from the spectre, only to blink them open again to a completely different scene. "What the hell?"

He stood in the middle of a ruined city. Crumbled concrete and twisted steel surrounded him while cracked and pitted asphault led off into the distance. Where was the island? The greenery? The...

"Aurora? Captain?" He looked around, not seeing anyone at all. The eerie winds were the dominant noise. Yet... What's that buzzing? Sounds like...

In abject horror, Demios spun around to look behind him. A faint glow of the world in front of him and the growing buzzing noise confirmed his suspicions. "Eaters!?" He yelled, a rare show of true fear crossing the normally fearless mercenary.

Eaters were simple nano-machines, designed to completely erradicate ruined buildings and cities. Programmed to move along a specific area, they would completely turn any material into raw elements for use in rebuilding. During the many wars, they had been used to quickly clean up after major battles and aid the rebuilding effort. They were also completely lethal. They would eat through a human or a reploid as easy as they would a building. They were relatively easy to defeat, as they could be destroyed enmass by plasma blasts and even a near miss would create enough electrical disturbance to short out their programming. However, Demios was sans armor and sans weapons and the nano-machines stretched from across the horizon.

Demios had a run in with eaters very early in his life and harbored a well hidden fear of the things. He knew that they were nothing to really be afraid of but that didn't change the fact that he feared them completely. And these were not heading away from him, or programmed to eat only a single building. They were consuming the entire landscape in front of him.

The grenadier turned and ran, smashing through debris and rubble, trying desperately to get away from the tiniest engines of destruction. The ruined city stretched out in front of him and any thoughts to why he was in that predictament were gone. The only thing that entered his mind was pure, unadultered fear.


Aurora felt her adaptive matrix and ether drive spin up at the same time as the light washed over her. When she blinked her eyes open again, several of the mercenaries around her were glassy eyed. Beside her Demios began yelling, "Aurora? Captain?"

"I'm right here, Dad." Aurora said, looking between him and the armored figure in front of her.

Fear twisted her father's features before he yelled, "Eaters?!" He bolted, smashing through trees as leaves, thundering towards the volcano.

"Dad! Wait!" Aurora reach out after him, then she paused. A flick over to her aural sensors told her all she needed. A powerful, dark aura had covered them all. She could feel the magic pulsing from her ether drive, combatting the power. The adaptive matrix had identified the malevolent power and had devised a way to defend against it. Yet it was all the power her Ether drive could spare to keep the power back.

She looked around the glassy eyed Mercs and back at the armored figure. It met her eyes and she could feel normal, non-magical fear sit in the pit of her stomach. What do I do now?

NRP- Just a quickie. Ain't a whole lot of mercs that could stop Demios from heading to the volcano. :)

  • Do reploids go to a neon heaven?Kail, Tue Mar 23 12:38am
    The icy water felt like needles all over Cocker's skin. Under one arm he held the unconscious body of Lina. Minutes ago he'd have given anything to put his arm around her waist and hold her tightly... more
    • Fear — Demios, Tue Mar 23 11:03am
      • These dreams go on when I close my eyesMaq, Sat Mar 27 1:59am
        Maq glanced around her. The place was familiar. All around her were people, all of which she felt she must know, but were completely unfamiliar at the same time. They reached out to touch her... more
        • I should not be posting at 5am.Kaze, Sat Mar 27 4:40am
          NRP: Fifty bucks says I'll regret something about this post in the morning. Cheers. Kaze was normally a foreboding sort. Tall, dark, magically gifted. People didn't usually try to interact with him... more
          • Shanghaied Zeo Grey, Sat Mar 27 8:21am
            NRP: It's far from my best but I can't be bothered to fiddle with it more. RP: Night stole over the island, setting it ablaze with vibrant red and orange hues. High above the white-hot gleam of lava... more
            • The path finding AI sucks.Lock, Sun Mar 28 1:40pm
              When the bright light overcame Lock he barely had time to react, and thus was sent flying down on the ground. ---------- Opening his eyes after a short while, he stood up to see the forest entirely... more
              • CalderaKail, Sat Apr 24 8:29pm
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                • The Last MogulKail, Sun May 2 11:26pm
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                  • Ciao, babe.Kail, Sun May 2 11:55pm
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