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These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:59am

Maq glanced around her. The place was familiar.

All around her were people, all of which she felt she must know, but were completely unfamiliar at the same time. They reached out to touch her shoulders, caress her cheeks. Many were crying openly, smiles alighting their faces. She felt someone gently take her hand. It was a man. His skin was dark, covered in painted red designs. A simple red cloth covered his nether, and a pair of laced sandals were on his feet. But it wasn't just him she stared at. Looking down, she saw her own hand, as if it belonged to a stranger. It was small, finely boned...human. She too had dark skin, with nails trimmed short. A pair of simple gold bracelets tinkled around her wrist.

She was confused...but somehow knew what she must do. She needed to go with this man. Allowing him to lead her, she walked, trying to remember. Something important was here, but she couldn't seem to grasp what. As they walked, the people around her slowly faded away, their cheers passing into silence. Ahead, there was an opening, looking no more then an empty black maw within the wall. The man stopped and stood to the side, motioning her on. She didn't want to go, but felt compelled. Slowly, she moved forward.

Dan blinked his eyes, trying to focus. He could feel the magic as it took effect. He saw Demios, yelling something about 'eaters', before running away, apparently fleeing before some unknown enemy. Maq's eyes appeared blank, before she turned and slowly walked in the same general direction Demios had run. Reaching out, Dan tried to stop her.

"Stop! It's just the spell!" He yelled, trying desperately to reach his wandering reploid daughter. But as he reached out, his vision went white. Stumbling, he hit the ground, rolling on his side. Rubbing his hands across his eyes, knowing it was useless, he tried to clear the spell away. Instead, he heard someone laughing; a sweet, gentle, rippling laugh that made his heart ache.

"Poor dear. Did you have a bad dream?" A cool hand was placed on his forehead, and his vision began to focus again. A young woman with a deep tan and strangely lavender hair looked down at him. He felt his chest go tight, filled with a remembered loss.

"Alemnia..." He breathed, feeling his eyes grow misty. She smiled at him.

"I wouldn't be anyone else, would I?" She laughed. He glanced around, seeing nothing but white.

"This isn't real." He sat up, trying to push the vision away. The shade giggled.

"I shall wake you with a pinch then!" Reaching forward, she did just that. A swift, light pain twinged on his shoulder. It seemed so real. Why wasn't it real? Dan blinked. A moment ago, he had known why this couldn't be real, but now he couldn't seem to recall. As he shook his head, the reason slipped further and further away. Something about someone dieing and a strange spell. He heard the woman laugh again as she helped him to his feet, looking up at him with loving eyes. Standing, she only came to just above his shoulder.

"It must have been a bad dream if you're having this hard a time shaking it off. Do you wanna talk about it?" She seemed somewhat concerned, lacing her fingers with his. Shaking his head again, Dan smiled down at his wife.

"I'm okay. It was just a really bad dream..."

"Oh really? What about?"

"I dreamed that you had passed away, along with all our people. Then I ended up marooned on an island with a bunch of people, and someone kidnapped my reploid daughter...or something like that. I don't really remember."

"What's a reploid?"

"Some kind of...advanced robot I think? I don't know. It's all fading away now." Dan rubbed the back of his head. Alemnia nodded sharply.

"Good! I won't approve of you having daughters who aren't mine, whether they're robots or in dreams or what not! You're mine, and I don't intend to share you." Grinning, she playful wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him tight. Dan laughed. Somewhere in the back of his mind, something screamed about this being wrong, but the rest of him shrugged it off. After all, that had all been a dream.

"Oh! I almost forgot why I came out looking for you in the first place!" His wife unattached herself, lightly smacking her forehead with her palm. "Joshel wants to address everyone. Apparently he's got some great news for us all! C'mon!"

Grabbing his hand, they both ran swiftly through the tall grass, laughing with free spirits, as they raced towards the towering city where their people were all gathered.

  • FearDemios, Tue Mar 23 11:03am
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    • These dreams go on when I close my eyes — Maq, Sat Mar 27 1:59am
      • I should not be posting at 5am.Kaze, Sat Mar 27 4:40am
        NRP: Fifty bucks says I'll regret something about this post in the morning. Cheers. Kaze was normally a foreboding sort. Tall, dark, magically gifted. People didn't usually try to interact with him... more
        • Shanghaied Zeo Grey, Sat Mar 27 8:21am
          NRP: It's far from my best but I can't be bothered to fiddle with it more. RP: Night stole over the island, setting it ablaze with vibrant red and orange hues. High above the white-hot gleam of lava... more
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