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The path finding AI sucks.
Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:40pm

When the bright light overcame Lock he barely had time to react, and thus was sent flying down on the ground.


Opening his eyes after a short while, he stood up to see the forest entirely gone, wide open plains in front of him and a giant hill behind the pains. Looking up at the top of the hill, he saw something shine from top of the hill.

Squinting at first to see what was so bright and shiny, Lock soon traced the outline of a giant robot, Smiling ear to ear, he ran in a straight line for it, only to hit his head against some invisible wall.

Getting back up slowly while holding his head, Lock felt the area in front of him… sure enough, it felt like their was an invisible tree there. While Lock would have pondered the mystery of an invisible tree, the robot was more appealing at the moment.

Feeling around the invisible tree, Lock decided to walk instead of run in the case that more invisible trees would appear. Shaking his head, he moved on for quite a long bit, walking the barren empty plains by himself before his foot seemed to hit something. Lurching ahead a bit, he seemed to fall on something soft on the outside but also something that defiantly had a skeleton. Feeling around on the ground, trying to figure out what the hell he had just tripped over, he seemed to feel some strands of long hair. Blinking, he only had a second before something hard connected with his face. And sent him flying onto his back.


Opening his eyes once more, he was back in the forest, looking up at some purple haired, purple eyed woman. In fact, it was the girl he had be trying to talk to all day long, with a large blush strewn across her features, "Ah, glad to see you come to. The others were all blank eyed and running towards the mountain."

"Oh… so I guess you were the one to knock me out of that hallucination." Lock said, trying to stand up, but all he could manage was getting his face closer to this girl's, "So, I've seen you around, but I haven't really got to know you."

Taken aback by this seemingly random question, the girl stood up, "Um… I'm Aurora. I'm kinda new to everything."

Smiling, he got up, "Lock. I recently just joined up myself Aurora."

"So… got any idea why everyone is heading towards that mountain?" Aurora asked.

Looking up at the mountain, Lock shook his head, "No idea myself. I say we head up about halfway and see if we can't create some kind of signal ourselves."

"Sure! I can use my magic to create some kind of flare to signal the rest of the mercs." Aurora said with slightly bright eyes.

Tilting his head to the side, Lock had confusion written all over his face, "What are you talking about?"

Smiling, she started walking ahead, "I'll show you when I get their, I've been practicing all day with some of the other mages."

"I still don't get it. Magic… it just doesn't exist." Lock said, trying to catch up with Aurora.

Sighing, Aurora turned around, "Yes it does and I'm going to show you first hand that it does." Turning around to face the mountain again, she moved on ahead.

"Well, this is going to be interesting. I look forward to this magic of yours, lead on." Lock followed behind her.

"Stop teasing me." She said looking back.

Lock shook his head, "Look, I've never experienced magic truly happen, I mean, if magic does exist, it must be something extremely rare."

"Ah." Aurora said, facing forward, "Well, I just started to learn about magic, but it is real."

Lock continued on behind her, "Well, then you'll have the honor of being the first one to show me a real magic trick, so don't let me down."

"I'll give it my best shot, then." Aurora continued onwards towards the mountain, with Lock beside her.

  • Shanghaied Zeo Grey, Sat Mar 27 8:21am
    NRP: It's far from my best but I can't be bothered to fiddle with it more. RP: Night stole over the island, setting it ablaze with vibrant red and orange hues. High above the white-hot gleam of lava... more
    • The path finding AI sucks. — Lock, Sun Mar 28 1:40pm
      • CalderaKail, Sat Apr 24 8:29pm
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