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The Early Years - Starting Line
Fri May 14, 2010 2:47pm

Demios had walked away a much more knowledgeable reploid under Jack's half hour tutelage. The controls felt better in his hands and the weight felt better between his legs. Even the shock couch under his butt felt better. Let's get this show on the road!

He was situated in one of the starting blocks on the massive metal structure. A semi-circle of similar blocks, nearly sixty in all, ringed the lip of the entry to divers canyon. Inside his block, Demios couldn't see any of the other racers. He wondered what sorts of things he'd be riding against today and he wondered how well he'd do. "... it. I'm shooting to win." He muttered to himself before his teeth bared in a grin.

Just as he said that, loudspeakers hidden in the ceiling of the block crackled to life. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 13th Annual Diver's Canyon anti-grav race!" The muffled cheers of the crowd cut straight to Demios's core, filling him with a new kind of excitement. This was an adrenaline rush of a completely different variety!


"I'm Farris Khan and as always, I'll be your host and commentator this evening!" Khan said into his comm receiver. Khan had one of those classic radio voices and he wasn't afraid to indulge his audience a little bit, "I hope everyone is ready to see some truly death-defying aerobatic stunts here today!"

Another cheer.

"For those of you who don't know, Diver's Canyon is a four mile course that will tax any pilot's skill! Cresting the canyon is strictly prohibited! All our pilots will see nothing but canyon walls until the finish line! And some may never see that!"

Another cheer split the crowd. Khan grinned slightly, Blood thirsty crowd tonight!

"Our racers will start by plunging head long into the canyon itself, a massive one hundred and fifty meter drop. The canyon quickly narrows into the treacherous 'Hair Pin City' before breaking into the 'Spire shoot!' Once past that, we open up into the 'Shooting Gallery!' It's the clearest, straightest section of the course but as we all know, weapons fire is illegal!"

Much of the crowd laughed hard at that.

"After the 'Shooting Gallery,' our pilots will enter the Slalom, a one hundred meter climb before twisting into a sheer one hundred and twenty meter drop! Hang onto your butts, folks, because the bump at the end will be nasty! After that, there's only one more obstacle: Dead Man's Needles! A series of caverns that average only four meters wide before shooting out into the final stretch!"

"I hope you're all ready to see some amazing stunts today! Gentlebeings! Start your engines!!"


Demios grin had turned feral after listening to the course layout. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

The Mars roared beneath him, the plasma manifold filling with the stuff of stars. He felt the faintest twinge as a tractor beam locked onto his machine and the bay doors in front of him ground open. He twisted the throttle back again, flares of plasma shooting out behind him to splash against the blast shield.

In front of him, a simple bank of lights lit up. Three reds, a yellow and a green.

As the first red blinked off, Demios lowered his head slightly. The air resistance of the exit was going to be enormous and he wanted to shield himself as best he could with the body of the machine.

The second red blinked off, and his knees tightened around the body of the Mars.

The third red blinked off, "Alright baby. Let's do this." Demios muttered. He twisted the throttle back fully, the plasma engine beneath him screaming with power!

Finally, the yellow light blinked off, and he felt the tractor beam disappear. With gut wrenching motion, the land chaser shot out of the bay. The rushing air, roaring engines of sixty land chasers and the yells of their half crazed pilots was engulfed in a deafening roar from the crowd. Over the top of this cacophony of adrenaline, Khan's voice boomed, "And they're off!"

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