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The Early Years - The Newcomer's Tricks
Wed May 19, 2010 10:44am

The wind ripped at his face as he hunkered down on his machine, the open expanse of the canyon looming before him. He twisted the nose down into a steep dive, about half of the machines following in his wake. Almost immediately surpassing escape velocity, the air visably sheered off the fenders of the Mars and he gripped hard with his legs to keep his grip, while his hands prepared for the delicate and suicidal attack.

Trans puffed errantly on his cigarette as Demios settled the Mars into position in the block, "L'mme give ya a tip, Dem. Tha' ol' Thresher wa' meant for low allt'ude flyin'. Don't treat 'er like a rocket. 'Bout half yer speed's comin' from the anti-grav, get me?"

Demios nodded. "Alright. I'll keep that in mind."

"Look at those eagles soar, folks! Pure power pushing them directly for Hair Pin City!" Above him, those Racers with stronger machines would simply go the straight route towards the entrance, using their superior thrust and shorter line to overcome the extra speed picked up in a dive. Demios and numerous others didn't have that luxury. The plan required them to shoot down as fast as possible, picking up as much speed as possible, before pulling up at the last possible moment.

"And now the ground huggers are starting to peel off!" Some of the other machines pulled ahead of Demios, his machine powering through their wakes. Slowly, each of them began to pull up, turning their dive horizontal so that they would avoid crashing into the ground. The green reploid frowned, How quickly can I pull out of this dive? ...Wait a minute!

Demios watched as only he and one other were still powering for the ground, only twenty meters to go, "It looks like newcomer Demios is trying to keep pace with our favorite tonight, Merlin! Let's hope he doesn't splatter all over the floor, folks!" Demios hazarded a glance towards the other pilot, but the speed gave him little more than a blue blur.

In near synchronization, the two machines began to pull up. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the tail end of Merlin's machine ratchet down, Vectored thrust! The intense fury of the plasma engine destroyed the downward momentum, and nearly as quickly, the anti-grav of Merlin's machine gripped the ground, shooting the other racer forward.

Demios, without such gadgets, tried a different trick. He yanked on the machine, pulling the nose straight up. The plasma roared out towards the ground, putting huge stress on his grip of the bike and rattling the poor thing badly and he was slowing, but not enough. "Looks like he's going to try a throttle hop, folks! But it doesn't look like he's got the room!"

Demios grunted as he tightened his grip of the handle bars and released the bike with his legs. He pushed his armored boots down towards the ground and with a mental effort, triggered his dash system. Plasma shot from the ejection ports in his soles, giving him the extra force he needed to keep from splattering. "Wow folks! Pilot Demios uses his own body to add power to the throttle hop! We haven't seen a stunt like that since 21XX!!"

Although the trick worked, Demios's throttle hop had robbed his machine of much of the momentum he had gained and once the anti-grav systems managed to get contact, he was probably twenty meters behind Merlin. Pouring on the throttle, he and Merlin shot in just moments before several of the larger vehicles coasted into Hair Pin City.


"If he doesn't pull up he'll... What is he... I don't believe it!" Jack yelled to no one in particular as he stared at the portable vid-screen he and his team were hunkered over, "I can't believe he pulled that off!"

"That was incredible!"

"That was insane!"

"One wrong move and he'd've been spare parts!"


Demios felt a snarl in the back of his throat as he tried desperately to keep the line that Merlin was setting. From behind, he could tell that the machine was similar to his own: Light and quick. On each straight away leading up to one of the six hair pins in this section, the larger "Eagles" would over take them both. But as soon as they entered the turn, the larger machines would have to swing out wide, due to their greater mass, then pour the thrust back on into the next straight away.

Demios, Merlin and a few of the other "Ground Huggers" would be nimble enough to cut a tighter line, sometimes nearly scraping the inside of the canyon walls. Manipulation of the throttle was key, as any wasted thrust would throw off the turn, robbing you of precious meters.

"It looks like Cable's superior engine is bringing him up in the pack! Merlin and the newcomer Demios are edging him out at the corners, but how long will they be able to keep it up!?" Demios twisted the machine, pouring himself into the next turn as he followed Merlin's line ahead of him. The vectored thrust of the other machine gave it an advantage in these turns; the anti-grav and the plasma thrust could push in two different directions, giving the machine a ridiculous amount of maneuverability.

Despite the fact that he was slowly losing ground, it was a testament that he managed to keep even as much pace as he did. The Mars had similar thrust and speed but without the maneuverability, Demios relied on his own body movement. Each time he'd slip into the air stream, the resistance would give him some force to play with and subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) shifts in his own body weight allowed him to keep the line with the more agile machine.

"Here we go folks! The run up to corner five is a doozy and corner six is right behind it!" The run up to corner five had slight turn in it, meaning that you had only scant moments to go from the line of the turn before hitting the corner. Demios hunkered down, and beside him, he saw Cable's machine creeping up on him.

"Looks like Cable isn't giving newcomer Demios any slack!" The green reploid's eyes narrowed as the yellow and black racer came up on his left. He's trying to crowd me out of the line! Bastard...

As they moved into the gentle turn, Demios saw that unless he did something drastic, he was going to have to go wide and as tight as this race was, he'd likely drop back as many as a dozen places. He looked forward, trying to find some way of getting around when he grinned...

"Hah!" He grunted to himself. Eyes narrowed, he shot forward.

"Looks like Eagle is forcing him to... No, wait! Look at that folks! Demios launches himself!" Demios hung tightly as the machine shuddered underneath him. With fine manipultion of the anti-grav, Demios had dropped one side and surged the other. The maneuver had launched the Mars a couple meters in the air, spinning him on his long axis. By timing it just so, Demios executed this maneuver just as Cable began slowing to enter the corner and simultaneously pulling the speed he needed in order to get into the corner and not lose speed.

He pulled into the turn on the inside, just barely avoiding crashing into the ground on the "landing."


"Who is this guy?!" Came more incredulous yelling from Demios's mechanic team.

"He's crazy! The anti-grav plates on that thing are going to burn out if he keeps pulling stunts like that!"


Cable and Demios exited the turn nearly simultaneously, Cable using his more considerable thrust to keep pace on the outside and Demios only managed to get about half a 'chaser's length ahead of him coming out of the turn. Merlin had scooped up another half dozen meters ahead of him.

Beside him, he could see Cable's mouth set in a frustrated snarl as he poured on he speed. The machine quickly caught up to the Mars and passed him. I can't compete with that speed. I'll have to pull this corner flawlessly. And with only a scant few moments, Cable moved in front of him and began positioning for the turn.

Demios followed in his wake with every ounce of speed the Mars would give him. Cable began moving to the outside, intent on keeping speed all the way through the turn. Demios only just saw the exhaust of Merlin ahead fading as the machine disappeared from view around the bend.

The Mars twisted sideways as Demios shot into the turn. Manhandling the machine around, he flared the thrust. He could feel the proximity to the wall as the metal blade extending from his helmet only missed the inside of the corner by millimeters.

"Coming out of Hair Pin City it's Merlin by a margin, followed by Demios and Cable, jockeying for position! Behind that we have..."

Demios followed the ground, downwards as the canyon opened up. Ahead of him, Spire shoot spread out before him. Half a mile of wide canyon littered with boulders, spires and he had heard, no small amount of debris.

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