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The Early Years - Machine Envy
Thu May 20, 2010 9:01pm

Spire shoot was a three quarter mile stretch of particularly rough terrain. Haphazardly strewn with boulders and spire-like rocks jutting upwards and every which way. Demios careened down the short hill towards the rocky expanse.

Ahead of him, Merlin shot into the boulders, never slowing for an instant. Demios had to assume that the other racer had a lot more experience on this course than he did. Probably knows the perfect path... He thought to himself.

Beside him, Cable was gaining speed but he was also gaining altitude. "Looks like Cable isn't about to give us the pleasure of seeing him go through the rocks, folks! So long as he doesn't crest the canyon proper, there's no rules against flying over the rocks!"

Demios's snarl came back to his throat. Fine, if you're going to give up your anti-grav propulsion, I'll have to use that to my advantage.

The Mars shot into the rocks at insane speeds, Demios abandoning himself completely to the flight.


"What the...?! At that speed, he probably splattered across the first rock!" Exclaimed one of the techs.

Jack frowned, "He's managed to pull off some ridiculous shit so far."


Demios jinked and juked, slipped and slided as his eyes scanned ahead with razor intensity. Any and every clue he could notice, process and act on flew through his reploid processors, weaving and twisting the Mars around rocks that shot forward at him at breakneck speeds.

Just as he would dip through a gap in one, he'd have to pulse the anti grav to clear the next. He would twist the Mars side ways to slip through one crevice only to have to cut it across the next. All the while, he kept his speed as high as he could. Too many times to count, he could feel the air of the rocks not millimeters from his machine or his body. Not to mention the occasional blur of another one of the racers, finding their own paths through the rocks.

It was almost surprising when he shot into the open. "Amazing, folks! Five of the racers have already made it through Spire Shoot, with Cable leading the way!"

Demios looked forward, seeing four other bikes in front of him. The canyon opened up into what had to be the 'Shooting Gallery.' I'll make up for lost time here.

The Mars roared as Demios opened the throttle completely. In a mimic of his earlier move, Demios rested his chest against the console and shoved his armored boots out behind him. Internally, he reconfigured his plasma relays. He turned off the stand-by charge to his arm cannon and lowered his plasma-electricity conversion rate to the bare minimum. With every leftover joule of energy, he triggered his dash system.

The extra thrust and lower profile enhanced his speed and he began catching up with the first machine in his path, a large bike with three exhausts. Demios noticed the pilot looking over his should back at him. Uh-oh...

The other pilot twisted in his seat, aiming a buster pistol back at him and triggered a trio of shots. The blasts went wide and Demios grimaced. "Look out folks, looks like newcomer Demios is getting in Drendar's 'plasma wake!'" He's not a good shot, but he could get lucky.

As more shots came back, Demios used his legs to begin a mild swerve. The extra speed and intensity, mixed with Drendar's rearward focus, let Demios catch up much faster. If he could get just a little closer...

The prow of the Mars opened up and the plasma cannon mounted there began to hum. Drendar's eyes grew wide as two plasma blasts shot out his way. One missed by inches over his shoulder but the other caught him right in the leg, blowing it clean off. A yelp of pain and Drendar tumbled from his machine. His neck broke instantly as he slammed into the ground. "Welp, looks like Drendar's plasma wake caught up to him, folks!" Drendar's machine's dead man switch kicked in and the machine quickly fell from sight.


Trans puffed on another cigarette, "That was cold, Dem', but a clean shot like 'dat is sure to get y' noticed, boy."


Demios felt his dash system begin to over heat and he moved forward back into his seat. He tucked himself tight against the Mars, trying to create the most aerodynamic profile he could. His Thresher was a good machine, but the other racers ahead of him were on wings of fire. There wasn't any way he could catch up from here and looking at the fire fight ahead of him, he wasn't sure he wanted to. His optics focused and he could see Cable leading the pack, huddled over his machine much like Demios was with his four exhausts blaring hard.

Merlin was only two spots ahead of him. The blue 'chaser and pilot dipped and dodged in and out of the fire of the black land chaser that followed.

Demios frowned. He knew that right now was the weakest part of his race. He'd had the Mars tuned down to handle the sharp turns and jinking in the previous two obstacles and he knew that he'd need it again once he got into Dead Man's Needles. Yet, he couldn't help but feel frustrated that he couldn't coax any more speed out of his poor machine. He could see Cable creating more and more of a lead with his hugely powerful engines. Demios couldn't help but feel envious.

Ahead of him, Slalom hill began to loom and he came up with a plan that could regain hims some time...

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