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The Early Years - Weapon Adaptability
Sun May 23, 2010 1:12pm

mios couldn't coax any more speed out of the Mars as his forward grav plate bounced into Slalom hill. The climb was another place his lower powered engines would be a liability and true to form, he saw Cable powering up the hill like no one's business. Even worse were those pilots that were behind him were beginning to catch up. The lead of his throttle hop and tight turns in Hair Pin city had almost evaporated.

The Mars shot up the hill. At the crest, most racers would slow down significantly so as not to turn the hill into a jump. Losing speed in the air was bad, particularly for a 'chaser that relied heavily on anti-grav plates. As Demios approached the hill, he didn't slow at all. He powered for the crest like his life depended on it.


"Is he planning to jump?" One of the techs asked.

"That would be stupid, he better slow down."


With a heave, Demios whipped the Mars side ways, almost falling out of the shock couch. At the top of the hill, he reached out and all but tapped one of the rocks at that speed. Any other reploid would probably have lost the limb, hitting a rock at several hundred miles per hour but Demios was designed specifically with reinforcement in his hands and gauntlets. Originally designed to help use his grenades as shaped blasts, it made him quite capable of using the ground as a fulcrum. "Newcomer Demios pulls off another suicidal stunt folks, careening over the crest of Slalom hill at ludicrous speed!"

The Mars's engine never stopped its eternal roar as it quickly spun over the crest of the hill and Demios shot down the drop. That little maneuver brought him almost in line with the black armored racer in front of him. As Demios hunkered down over the Mars the thrust factor began to disappear as the sheer force of gravity provided plenty of extra force. He closed the gap, following closely behind as they swerved through boulders and outcroppings that dotted the downward side of slalom hill.

Demios's eyes narrowed. At this rate, he'll edge me out. As the two them approached a pair of boulders, the black armored 'chaser moved to go between them, further keeping Demios from pulling up beside him. Demios instead aimed his nose at the left most boulder and with a squeeze of the trigger, two plasma blasts lanced out. Impacting on the rock, they shredded it and a shower of stone splinters and dust shot up. "Looks like Demios is throwing a little obstacle in his and Triad's path!"

Triad shied, not anticipating the explosion but Demios kept nerves of steel and shot through the cloud without slowing, passing the black racer and pulling towards Merlin's tail. He could have just shot Triad directly, of course but not knowing who the pilot was nor who he represented, blowing him away could have some nasty repercussions.

At the bottom of slalom hill, several dips in the canyon made for a bumpy ride. After that, two corners preceeded Dead Man's Needles. Ahead, he could see Cable approaching the bumps at high speed and Demios couldn't help but feel envious again when he saw Cable's maneuver. The powerful anti-grav plates of the other machine allowed him, with precision timing, to grip the ground at various heights, seemingly gliding straight over the dips in the road.

Merlin shot after him, using the machine's vectored thrust to expertly maneuver above the bumps, losing very little speed in the process. The thrust would shoot down, giving Merlin enough downward thrust to glide over the dip only to straighten out again before gliding over the next.

Without either of these advantages Demios's mind raced for some way to correct. "That's it!" He yelled to himself, the words being consumed in the wind. He turned his nose towards the far right wall, cutting a diagonal path and looking as if he were planning to slam directly into the canyon wall.


"What the hell is he doing now!?"

"Has he lost control!?"


Just meters from the wall, Demios pushed his armored boots to either side of the machine and triggered a short dash burst. The energy shot the Mars up and with a titanic heave, he twisted the vehicle so that it was paralell to the canyon wall. The Anti-grav plates latched onto the side of the wall, shooting him forward but he'd soon crash back into the ground without any upwards thrust. "Demios has gone horizontal!"

The air around him began a faint shimmer as he drew the ions from the air into his arm, charging the plasma capacitors in his arm cannon. As he did that, he reached back and collected one of his grenades from the rack built into his backpack unit. As the machine began to swerve back towards the ground, he cupped the grenade in his hand and aimed it towards the ground. With a mental command, the grenade detonated, the blast exploding from his reinforced armor. The back blast gave the Mars another shift upwards, the plasma engine shooting him along the canyon wall. His arm cannon fully charged, he deployed it and fired a powerful plasma blast into the ground, the kick back giving him just enough force to clear the remaining dips.

He wrenched the bike around, landing on the far side of the dips and hunkered behind it, shooting forward onto Merlin's tail. Although his maneuver had taken him across a longer line, he had never lost any speed where as Merlin's shorter line had eaten up a little of the thrust. Ahead of them, Cable had already begun his wide turns into the hair pins and the two more agile racers shot for the inside line.

The three racers careened through the hair pins, Cable lengthening his lead in the straight aways while Merlin and Demios chewed up the distance in the corners. Demios servos ached at all the precision maneuvers he had had to do so far while Merlin's agile machine simply glided through the turns.

The distance between any two of them was so tight that on the ramp up into Dead Man's Needles, it looked as if they were about to crash. But the three entered the caverns at wild speed, the light of the day quickly dying to the gloom of the canyon's interior.

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