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Princes of the Universe
Mon May 31, 2010 6:23pm

“I don’t think she knew what she was doing.” the cautious scientist yelled back, referring to Shinsei. “We could end up anywhere! Any time!”

“Exactly! Anywhere but here! Any time but now!”

Laiken still wasn’t sold. “But we could even end up in a pocket of null time, frozen forever!”

“If we don’t jump then we’ll blink out of existence forever!” Axel argued emphatically.

“You better be right!”, Cylecks heard his Commander shout. The universe was ending in less than a minute and they were aruging over the Chance to save it. The Angelic merc didn't need to argue chance; not when this was at stake. He would rather fail than not take the risk. His only suprise was that Zeo beat him through the portal.

and everything went white...

((Cylecks we're online)), processed Visa, though there was a worried ping to her coding,((I can't get a GPS reading of over location...I can't get a Satelite connection at all, no ethernet links...I'm running blind.))

Blue eyes opened to blue skies and fresh air. His air filters detected no toxins of any sort. Even carbon dioxide was at extremely low levels.

"We could be any time or anywhere ladies", Cylecks spoke allowed to his processors and any of the other mercs who may have made it with him.

Green rolling hills and a seascape filled his display. Outstretching along the was a blanket of grey clouds. Actual clouds, not the yellowish acid rain spewwing monsters that plaqued parts of his time, but big grey and beautiful clouds. On the coastline about 4 clics from his position he could see some sort of settlement and beyound that on a cliff-face a large stone settlement. He believed it was an early castle.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say we were in Axel and Shade's Blackknight simulation", he mused as he stood up. Cylecks assumed that he was in the past given the lack of infrastructure and pollution.

Part of the merc just stood in awe of all the green and pleasant views offered by this "simpler time". However, the responsible soldier kicked in.

((Send out pings and try to locate signals of other forms of technology. If there are other freelancers about, I want to regroup. At the least try and figure out where they are. If we are lucky we can find somebody who can track that pendant. Also, let's keep a low profile, I don't know if time travel could mess up our lives in the future. I assume we are in the past, and don't want to inadvertinately kill the ancestor to Thomas Light)), he pinged to his sentient-software inhabitants. Though if reploids did go to heaven, Cyckie wouldn't have minded settling here instead.

He'd scout out the locals and then figure on a way of procuring "period" attire, then pursuing that pendant if possible. Though first he'd wait on Visa and Asiv checkign for pings of radiation or dark energy, any sign of freelancers. That was the plan anyhow.


((NRP...incase you don't get the reference Cylecks is in 1790's Scotland))

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