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Far, far from home
Tue Jun 1, 2010 12:01pm

Demios was getting tired of this growing trend. The next time he ended up opening his eyes after having blacked out, he'd like to be in his own body where and when he expected to be. However, today, that would not be the case.

He sat up finding himself on the top of a small cliff, overlooking a vast forest, dotted with rivers and trees. It seemed to be a nature panorama of perfection. It would have been break taking if he had known where in time and space he was. As it was though, he had no idea. Climbing to his feet, he did a three sixty and confirmed that he was at the edge of a mountain range and in the distance, thanks to his enhanced optics, the forest ended into a shore line. Either he was on an island or a pennisula and there didn't seem to be much of anything in that direction. "Back through the hills, I guess..." He muttered to himself.

He started winding through the mountains, trying to find any sign of civilizaton to speak of. Nothing on the ultra-violet or infrared spectrums and his multi-spectral scanner didn't pick up any of the common things associated with modern or even pre-modern civilization. Either this island was deserted or he was so far back in time that internal combustion hadn't been invented.

"Hmmm... Wait a sec..." He muttered. Using his mutli-spectral scanner, he looked up towards the sky. Astronomers had nothing on the ability to see and detect various forms of matter passively. It took him a moment, but he managed to coordinate the locations of the planets, the center of the milky way and the sun. Based on that, he could effectively get his rough time. Give or take a millenium. Which put him right around 10,000 BC. "...Lovely."

Demios sighed. Would the Pendant of Pentane even exist at this time? Human civilization would've been "a tribe wandering around trying to survive" at this point in time. Demios consider just jumping into the ocean, finding a nice crevice to hide out and setting himself into hibernation. Sure, his Synthskin would rot away eventually but waiting out 12 millenia didn't sound like much fun to him.

"Maybe I should wake myself up in 21XX and invest in Frost Electronics Corp." He muttered as he walked along.

However, as he continued to move along, considering his options, something errant seemed to be coming up on his multi-spectral scanners. It was faint, but he began reading faint signs of pure metal. Purer than existed in nature. It was on the far side of one of the mountains. His curiousity got the better of him. Humans wouldn't figure out metal working for another five to six thousand years.

He began climbing across the mountain range. It took him a couple of days, but as he got closer and closer, he was more and more certain. There was civilization over that mountain but not the kind of civilization he was used to. The metals were a strange combination of iron, titanium and some other elements, including Platinum. There was a lot of energy moving around but he couldn't detect any traditional energy sources.

Finally, as he crested the hill, he could see it. A huge city lay in the valley below, on the banks of a wide river. Tall spires of white rock and that same Platinum, Iron and Titanium alloy. Blue banners waved atop them and it was dominated by a huge citadel built into what looked like an artifical island in the middle of the city. He could even see vehicles moving along the roads of the city. Self propelled vehicles that seemed to float above the ground on faint blue glows.

Confused, Demios ratcheted up his optical zoom. The inhabitants were definitely human. They were eurpoean looking, maybe Mediterrainian and blue and white predominated the fashion. The only other striking feature is that they all seemed to have facial tattoos and he was hard pressed to find any two that had the same designs.

"Where in the world am I?" Demios thought to himself. Apparently that sparked the adaptive matrix's curiousity, because he realized that he could tune his multi-spectral sensors towards the magnosphere and based on the relative strength of the magnosphere, he could get his rough laditude. Cross referencing with the polarity strength. Cross reference that against the plate tectonics, and he could probably get a decent estimate of where he was. Though, when he did so he wondered if his sensors were acting up. "This should be the middle of the Atlantic ocean..." He thought to himself.

An idea occured to him and he peered back into the city. Looking at the banners, he managed to get a decently detailed view of the symbol. He didn't have access to any of the databases yet the three pronged spear emblem gave him as much information as he really needed. "Don't tell me..."

"This is the lost city of Atlantis?"

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