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Somewhere far from home...
Thu Jun 3, 2010 2:13pm

"I wonder what time we'll all end up in?" Maq muttered to herself. She seemed to have been drifting in the vortex for what seemed like hours. Or maybe it had only been a few minutes. She could no longer recall. "I guess it doesn't matter. Whether we land in the future, or into the past, there will be magi and other magical properties to help us. All we'll have to do is find them."

Between one thought and the next, Maq felt herself get ripped from the vortex in a flash of blinding light. When she opened her eyes again, she caught a brief glimpse of a desert landscape before splashing into water. Fortunately, it was quite deep, so she didn't hit bottom. As she swam towards the surface, Maq couldn't help but notice how warm it was. With a quick flick of her long legs, she propelled herself to the surface, and began the short swim to shore.

Something didn't feel quite right. Maq looked over the landscape. It had the first appearance of a desert, but upon closer examination, she could see that it was not. It wasn't overly dry, and while the heat was great, so was the humidity. Pulling air into her reploid lungs, she noted a second alarming difference: there was a far greater amount of methane in the air. Very little oxygen. Glancing over the landscape, she saw a distinct lack of grass, trees, or indeed any plant life at all.

"I must be in the future still. Sometime after humans, when life had faded from the planet." Maq felt somewhat depressed by the fact that she might be the only life form around. Looking back towards the ocean, she hoped that perhaps one of her fellow mercs had followed her out. Nothing but the sound of the waves greeted her. Shaking her head, she stared back inland. "Okay. There's nobody else around. But somewhere there has to be the pendant to get me back home! ...Why am I talking to myself out loud? Oh god, I need to get out of here."

Since it was full daylight, Maq couldn't tell exactly what time period she had landed in. Until she could make out the stars, she'd just have to guess. As she walked along the shoreline, she saw something washed up in the distance. Thinking it may be one of the human mercs, she rushed forward.

"Hey!! Are you hurt? Answer me!" Maq ran as fast as her legs would carry her, but as she got closer, she saw it wasn't human. It was very large, black, and looked almost like a shell. She slowed down near it, bending to investigate. As she gently flipped it over, she felt a chill grow in her belly.

It was a trilobite.

The poor thing had obviously been dead for awhile, but it just as obviously hadn't been set upon by any scavengers. Why? Maq quickly started flipping through her mind, scouring for the right information. After a few moments, she caught the information she was searching for, and it filled her with a sense of dread.

"Generally, trilobites maintained high diversity levels throughout the Cambrian and Ordovician periods before entering a drawn out decline in the Devonian culminating in final extinction of the last few survivors at the end of the Permian period." Maq quoted the article. The Cambrian through the Devonian. A span of almost 160 million years. All before humans. Before even grass had evolved. Shaking, Maq put the corpse back down. Then she turned and vomited.

NRP: C'mon guys! Live a little!! You can go ANYwhen you want to! Am I the only one who wants to explore pre-history? Of course, if anyone wants to join me where I am now, they'd probably best not be humans: there's not enough oxygen for a human to survive.

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      • Vier had a headache. Magic wasn’t really her bag, and she had already experienced more than her fair share since joining up with the Freelance Reploids. First there was the whole body switching... more
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