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All those who chose to oppose her shield must yield!
Fri Jun 4, 2010 1:35am

Vier had a headache.

Magic wasn’t really her bag, and she had already experienced more than her fair share since joining up with the Freelance Reploids. First there was the whole body switching fiasco, and now she had been flung through time and space, seen the end of the universe, and had her weapons stripped from her by some arch-mage with a secret volcano base. Stuck in the past without any way to access her armor or weapons, dressed in nothing but her casual mechanic clothes. “Dummkopf, vut a really fine mess you got yourself into dis time...” She murmured to herself.

She blinked her eyes, trying to get her bearings. Sound and images quickly flooded her senses: there were gray skies, and the sounds of bombs and gunfire around her. “Ah, good, and I vas vorried dis vould be boring...” she grunted as she pushed herself out of the mud. She was in some sort of hilly farmland. She rubbed her bleary eyes, her body and mind still attempting to adjust to the setting. Then, she was sharply brought awake when two large planes roared overhead.

The young German reploid scrambled on all fours for any sort of cover. She dove into a ditch as she wildly looked around from side to try and get a handle of what was happening. She looked up to the sky to try and find the planes that had startled her; it was no use. They had vanished back into the clouds already. Vier’s eyes darted across the landscape, desperate to find some clue as to where or when she was.

...Not that she was any great history student, she remembered. Most of her life had been studying engineering and weaponry, not history. When did humans figure out air flight again? she thought to herself as she creeped along the ditch. The sounds of fighting had grown louder. Gah! I’d be better off finding some kind of calendar or something... Even if I did, how in the world am I supposed to get back to the rest of the Freelance Reploids? Are the mages working on a solution?

Vier cursed as she walked into the remains of a destroyed tank, interrupting her thoughts. She looked over it for a bit, trying to place the ruined machinery’s origin. This looks like... twentieth or twenty-first century weapon material. It doesn’t narrow it down by much, but there probably isn’t any other robots or reploids yet, at least...

Suddenly, Vier heard shouting coming towards her. Peering over the tank remains, she saw three uniformed figures desperately running away from a large man wearing blue, white, and crimson colors. The men being chased were desperate, firing wildly behind them as they attempted to run away from their attacker. Even though Vier could tell their shots were wild, she watched in amazement as the large figure moved with surprising speed and grace between the bullets, dodging them for the most part and reflecting the rest with a triangular, bulletproof shield he was caring with him.

What Vier noticed next was that the chased men were shouting in German. “” “” “

Vier’s heart stirred. She was in ancient Germany! Her countrymen were in danger from that man! But could she really just step in like this? Wasn’t there a whole host of movies that mentioned how interfering with the past lead to dire consequences for the future?

She spotted the garishly costumed man pulling out his sidearm, an M3 submachine gun, and pointing it at the fleeing German soldiers. Instantly, her worries vanished and she acted. Timestream be damned, she couldn’t stand by and watch her countrymen be gunned down in front of her. Her arm flashed out for the nearest piece of loose scrap metal she could find; the circular hatch to the tank she had been hiding behind. With reploid speed and strength, she hefted the latch in front of her and moved in-between the American and the Germans. “” She shouted in her native tongue, as a hail of bullets bounced off the armored lid.

The large man stood puzzled, not sure what to make of this small-framed woman wielding a hunk of steel with ease. Vier took advantage of his surprise and launched the spherical tank lid like a discus, knocking the M3 out of the soldier’s hand and smashing it. The American gave Vier an ice-cold look, which Vier tried her best to match, despite being a few feet shorter and covered with mud. “Go on, if you think you’re hard enough.” She said in a way she hoped was menacingly.

The red, white, and blue soldier almost began making a move toward her when she heard the sounds of three guns being readied behind her. The German soldiers had gathered their wits and began firing at their former pursuer. The American used his shield and speed to avoid the shots, but decided that with his firearm destroyed, retreat was the best option at this point. As he dashed over the hill, Vier’s shoulders visibly sagged with relief. She hadn’t ever seen a human move like that, and she wondered if she really could have taken him in her current state if he had pressed her.

” exclaimed one of the soldiers behind her.

” Said Vier, blushing. Now that she had a better look at them, the troops seemed awfully young; probably barely out of their teenage years.

” Asked another, motioning towards the tank lid.

...Dumkopf! You can’t tell them you’re a robot! You’ve managed to blow your cover in the first few minutes of time travel!” Vier thought hastily. “” Vier tried in a cutesy, air-headed tone, flexing one of her arms for good measure.

Blessedly, the soldiers didn’t seem to bother question it any further. “

Erk! They’re gonna find out, if I don’t think of something...!” suddenly, Vier’s brain clicked with an idea and she started sobbing. “” She cried, burying her head in the youngest and most handsome soldier’s chest. “

” the soldier said, patting Vier on the head. “

” ventured one of the soldiers. “

” said the oldest-looking of the three. “

” Vier responded nervously. “

Vier, what have you gotten yourself into this time...?

NRP: Nothing says fun like Nazi Germany! *awesomeface*

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    • All those who chose to oppose her shield must yield! — Vier, Fri Jun 4 1:35am
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