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New Friends
Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:38am

The sun was already setting. That didn’t seem right. Maq checked her internal clock, and indeed, the sun seemed to be going down much sooner then it should. A quick search through her data banks brought up the information. Apparently, the Earth was spinning faster in these times, so there were only about 22 hours in a day, rather then 24. Shaking her head, Maq tried to wrap her mind around what was happening. She was beginning to understand when she was: either the Cambrian or the Ordovician. Walking along the beach had revealed several more carcasses, all strange and bazaar. But without life on land to devour the bodies, they simply lay rotting in the sun.

Maq coughed. Though she didn’t need as much oxygen as a human, the large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane in the air were beginning to bother her intake valves. As she watched the sun go down, she felt a cold shiver of fear touch her spine. She was alone. There were no walls to hide behind, no place to seek comfort. Out in the open, she would have to face the night by herself. For a brief moment, she hugged her knees to her chest, holding back tears as best she could. Closing her eyes, she strained to hear something, anything beyond the waves crashing to the shore.

She listened to the sound for several moments, before it registered what it was. She could hear talking. It was muffled, and it was far away, but they were definitely human voices! Starting to her feet, she raced in the direction she heard. In the distance, she could make out the glow of a fire, over a ridge.

As she topped the ridge, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. Down, camped in a circle around the fire, was an entire group dressed in safari outfits. There was a large stack of filming equipment off to the side, a jeep, and even a blow-up boat. Maq stared, as they went about preparing for…something.

“Okay, so tomorrow morning, we take the trilobite-cam out, and see if we can catch some shots- ho there! You’re not one of us! Where’d you come from?” One of the men, his hair cropped short, and a strong Australian accent, noticed her first. The others turned and stared at her, stunned. Maq gave them a lop-sided grin.

“Nice fire. Mind if I join you?”

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