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Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:20am

"Captain. We have a problem." Said Captain Azaes's second in command. The Captain stepped over to where the other officer was looking into one of the glass plates, showing the outcome of the scrying spells. "It looks like a large concentration of energy has recently appeared. Could it be an attack?"

Azaes peered through the ether at the underlying spell. The scry showed him the warping energy of the foreign spell and within moments he realized that it certainly was not Atlantean in origin, and likely was a transport spell. Exactly the kind of spell that would transport spies to Atlantis or perhaps even an army. "Indeed. Wake Diaprepes and his riders. It could be the Athenians."


The reploid dodged again, letting the sentinel's fist crush the drift wood into splinters. He bounded back several steps, deciding that maybe running would be best. He didn't care overly much if the thing smashed up Atlantis, since it was a doomed city anyway. Maybe while it was doing that he could figure a way to get it and him out of here. Wish I still had my plasma laser. I could melt that thing's legs off.

As he got some distance though, he remembered just in time that the guardian wasn't all close combat. It raised a glowing hand towards him and he barely had time to get clear before a wave of energy smashed the ground behind him, sending rock and sand flying. "Shit!" Demios yelled. This thing was really starting to piss him off.

At the preiphery of his processor, he saw the approaching energy on his multi-spectral scanners and soon enough could hear the whine of what sounded like engines. He scrambled for the cover of the trees, as the behemoth behind him fired another blast at him, ripping apart the wood. He doubted that he could hide, but if he could only get a second's breathing room...

Overhead what looked a lot like land-chasers appeared. They were made from the same platinum, iron and titanium alloy he'd seen before and now that they were closer, he could see the blue glows that were underneath were actually arcane sigils. Magic... Demios concluded.

“You are in violation of Law 39281-D. Prepare to receive punishment.” The Enforcer sounded towards the hovering riders. The enforcer's blast wave blew one of the riders into pieces. The riders went full evasive from the omnium titan, scattering across the sky and returning fire. The riders' hands glowed with magical power and waves of pure energy flew down to pound on the enforcer. Yet, for the most part, they simply rebounded off the titan's thick armor.

With a moment's breathing room, Demios peered at the titan. His scanners picked apart the innards of the machine. At it's core, he could see the same fundamentals of Aurora's ether-drive yet much further advanced. This thing is powered by magic. However, it was something much more mundane that caught his eye. Considering the machine, he would have bet that it was designed for intimidation more than actual combat effectiveness and its firepower probably let it destroy all but the most cunning opponents.

Unfortunately, Demios was as cunning as they came.


Captain Diaprepes pulled a tight maneuver around the Athenian golem. It was beyond anything he had ever seen from the Greeks. The armor was impregnible and the power of its magical blasts was frightening. That the Athenians could even build golems, let alone one that could utilize magic was amazing and terrible all at once.

/Cover me, my Riders./ Diaprepes communicated telepathically to his team, /I'm going to rip the magics of this beast apart./

The Atlantean maneuvered his skimmer a distance he figured would be safe and began to weave the Ether around him. He was not particular talented in pure ether arts but he could manage a simple dispell.


Demios timed his attack just right. Hoisting a boulder about the size of a beachball, he waited. Just as the Enforcer was turning to track one of the magical 'chasers, Demios hurled the rock right for the enforcer's leg. The rock broke over the omnium armor but the extra force did what he needed it to. The enforcer pitched forward, face-planting in the wet sand. Demios sprinted from his tree line and leapt up on top of the omnium construct. He only had a second to find a hand hold, but he snagged the lip of the armor around the head of enforcer and held on as the machine righted itself.

The reploid hoisted himself on to shoulders of the beast. The impressive shoulder armor of the machine, likely capable of repelling all but the most furious attacks, restricted is arm movements such that it couldn't grab Demios. The omnium armor could protect it from most everything, but as with most things like this, the joints were the weak point so he applied his prodigious strength against the thing's neck. He tugged and wrenched and with titanic effort, the connections below began to weaken until finally, it snapped and he literally tore the thing's head off. Tossing it aside, he began wailing on the insides, literally tearing a path inside the machine.

/Get clear!/ Sounded a voice in Demios's head. It sounded as if someone was keying to his internal comm unit. He didn't hestiate much, hoisting himself from inside the innards of the machine and vaulting over the back armor. The enforcer turned to track him, finally able to get a bead on him, when a dark lance of energy shot down from the sky, shooting into the hole that Demios had created and striking the magical core of the device. The beast of a machine collapsed, as if a marionette with its strings cut.

Demios heaved a sigh of relief before the rider who had landed the final blow. floated down on his magical 'chaser. /Who are you stranger and what was that thing we just destroyed? Are you an Athenian? ...Where are your clothes?/

This was going to be fun to explain.

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