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Wed Jul 7, 2010 11:07am

NRP: I'm tired of this thread. I'm ending it a bit quickly. :P


Demios had been ushered back to Atlantis and given a thorough searching. That he was wearing nothing but swim trunks made this pretty easy. Satisfied that he wasn't an Athenian spy, he'd been given a room and a change of clothes to wait around in while the Atlantians decided just what to do with him.

The grenadier wasn't stupid. The Atlantians probably intended to carve him up and dissect him. After all, he had proven immune to many of their magics and represented a wealth of technology that wouldn't be developed for thousands of years. He'd need to find a way to get out of Dodge without getting killed.

However, before he had a chance two armed guards opened up his door, "Come with us." They ordered.

Demios rose to his feet. Let's see where this is going...


Diaprepes frowned, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Azaes nodded, "Our magic wasn't effective on the man-machine, but by bringing him to the Nexus, I think I can force my way into his mind and reveal his secrets."

The Nexus was the center of magic. The Ley Lines of the world all gathered here, and was part of the reason for Atlantis's great strength. The islanders had crafted a huge crystal to siphon vast amounts of energy from the Nexus and use it as a power source, but weaving magic here was also ridiculously easy and any spells that were crafted would be greatly enhanced.

The two guards escorted the titanic foreigner into the room and Azaes put on his best con smile. If I have a willing mind, it will be even easier.

"That's a big crystal." The man-machine said, "What is it?"

Azaes swept a hand back as if to present it, "This is the center of Atlantis's power, the most magically powerful spot in the world."

It quirked a brow, "Is that so?"

"Yes. We've brought you here to see if we can't find a way to send you home." Azaes said with a silver tougne, "I just need to peer into your mind to find where it is you belong."

The man-machine didn't say anything and Azaes weaved his spell. His magical power seemed to splash over the its mind. Even with the Nexus I can't penetrate it? ...No, I'm just not focusing hard enough.

The Atlantian drew all of his magical power, reinforced by the Nexus and stabbed into Demios's mind. Finally, he made a small breach and back into him flowed petabytes of programming. Azaes screamed out in pain, dropping to his knees.

Diaprepes quickly drew his sword, "Assassin!"


Demios could almost feel the prickle in his code as the Atlantian tried to touch his mind. Of course, he knew that it was near on impossible to read a reploid's mind. Reploids thought in binary, ones and zeroes. Only another reploid could even consider being able to read the stream of data and only a particularly powerful reploid mage could think about changing what they read. Perhaps an Archmage could use spells to translate that data into thoughts as humans understood. Maybe a cyborg could.

However, the Atlantian was none of these things and as hard as he pushed, he breached the walls of Demios's mind and the ones and zeroes poured back into him. Overloaded with Data, he screamed and dropped to his knees.

Oh great... He watched as the other Atlantians drew weapons on him and he sighed internally. This isn't even fair.

One of the guards lunged at him with his pole arm and Demios simply caught and shattered the blade. As interesting metalurgically as these alloys were, they were little to reinforced tetrimite. Demios stepped into the guard's guard and leveled him with a quick elbow to the side of the head caving in his skull.

The next swung his pole arm down at Demios, the blade cutting through his synthskin but sheering off the subdermal armor. Demios lazily stepped back, turned and shot a ridge fist into the man's neck, decapitating him through sheer force. The corpse fell in a bloody heap.

The Atlantian captain shied, moving his hands into what looked like the incantation of a spell. Demios wasn't about to let him get his spell off and so he ducked down and scooped up a piece of the shattered pole arm. With a flick, he sent the metal flying into the man's chest, cutting through his breast bone and cleaving up his insides. Three men crumpled on the ground, all bloody messes.

Demios sighed, "Well, guess like I better figure out how to..." He paused as he looked around the room, "Get out of here." He finished with a grin.

It would take a few minutes for his Adaptive Matrix to figure out how to use the Atlantians' terminals, but maybe just maybe he could be on his way home today.


Azaes struggled to his knees. The pain had subsided but his face twisted in horror. Three dead men lay around him and the man-machine standing at a terminal, looking up towards the Nexus Crystal. What is he...?

Suddenly, the crystal shattered, a deafening noise that shook the very ground Azaes leaned on. "No!!"

The man-machine turned to look at him, just as a wave of pure magical power errupted from the swirling Nexus. "You don't know what you're doing! You'll destroy us all!"

It smirked, "Maybe you. I'm getting out of here. This is my ticket home."

A deep anger welled up in Azaes, "You would sacrifice thousands of lives, just for a chance to get home?!"

It shrugged, "Of course."

"I..." Azaes's eyes closed in anger, "Then, Man-Machine... Until such time as you return to your original time, you shall not wear your own flesh. A curse on you!" Azaes weaved a powerful spell using the last of his energy, reinforced by the swirling Nexus energy.

The man-machine said, "I don't know what you're about to do but I'm not gonna let you do it." It ripped off part of the console and with a heave, hurled it at Azaes.

The rubble smashed into the Atlantian, crushing his arm and part of his chest before spiraling him to the ground. His consciousness wad fading yet, his spell was ready. With a gesture, he forced the magic power at the man-machine.


Demios felt the magic power hit him like a truck. He felt himself begin to shrink. His mind warped. His eyes dimmed. His strong armor became weak flesh. Moments after the magic struck, the reploid Demios was no more. Demios stood as a human. "...You son of a bitch!"

The Atlantian's mouth twisted into a satisfied smirk before he fell backwards, dead.

The Nexus pulsed energy again, and Demios knew he had only one chance. He hurled himself towards the swirling energy which wrapped around him, sending him to another place and time.


The island of Atlantis shuddered under the fierce waves of energy from the Nexus. Without the crystal, it ripped the island apart. In the span of a single day, Atlantis sunk into the sea.

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