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Omicron City - Living in interesting times...
Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:17pm

Aurora awoke to a sudden splash. She reflexivly snorted and thrashed for the surface and when she broke water, gasped hungrily for air. Where am I?!

Fortunately for her, her Adaptive Matrix was able to give her the precise coordinates. "Huh?" She said as she treaded water. It had been several days since she'd left the Stomping Grounds and all of a sudden she felt almost whole again. I can access the SatNet! Within moments she knew exactly where and when she was. Wow! How lucky! I'm only about five years in the past! I can probably just wait it out and catch up with the others then.

She turned to the east and in the distance could make out the shore of California very close to Omicron city. Only about a hundred miles. I can swim... She thought to herself and began the long swim.

Reploids were more powerful than humans in most ways and swimming was one of them. Aurora managed to cover the distance to the shore at in a liesurely five hours. She swam up to a public beach with no shortage of tourists and vacationers. Luckily her swim wear let her blend right in as she climbed out of the water and onto the beach. Of course, it began to dawn on her that perhaps it wouldn't be as easy as she thought to wait out the next five years. I've got no money and no support. Hell, I don't even have any clothes.

She headed towards the board walk. She couldn't really try to hack some money out of the ether. As effective as she could probably be with an adaptive matrix, she doubted she could do that without getting caught. She didn't have anything to sell nor did the idea of stealing it appeal to her.

Aurora briefly considered contacting her father. He was, of course, still alive at this point in time and trying to explain the situation but she worried that doing that might undo her own creation. The same thoughts covered approaching any of the other freelancers or any of the contacts she had been given for emergencies.

A sigh escaped her lips as she leaned on the railing. Ahead of her the sun had begun to crouch low over the horizon.


"Tonight is the night, alright." A young, tall reploid with blue armor said. He and a couple of others were huddled around a crate in the darkened lighting of a warehouse.

"Hurry up, Cover. Let's get this over with." One of the others said. He was shorter with a darker blue and seemed far more nervous.

Cover looked to the third, who wore red armor, and nodded. The red armored reploid picked up a crow-bar from the ground and wedged it in between the lid and one of the sides. With a heave, the plasteel lid creaked open and the three reploids peered down into it.

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