Omicron City - The meeting of mercs
Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:56pm

"Thanks so much!" Aurora said with her best smile on.

"No problem. I hope you find your stuff!" Called a young woman. Aurora had concocted a story about how her beach stuff had been stolen, and had found a young woman who had been willing to lend her a pair of sandals, shorts and a t-shirt so she wouldn't have to walk around town in her swim suit. She had gotten the woman's address information and as soon as she could, she would send the clothing back. It's the best I can do in this situation...

Now, she had wandered into the city, trying to figure out exactly her plan of action. She was on her own and she needed to start resolving the issue. She had heard plenty of stories from her father about his early days where he had woken up without anything but a birth capsule. She had to take inspiration in them because she was not much better off herself. At least I have clothes now...


As the van rolled across the bumpy road, Cover checked and rechecked the plasma rifle he held in his hands. It was a older, bulky model designed to accept dry-plasma rounds. Dry rounds relied on the weapon itself to inject the plasma into the containment field, whereas most plasma rifles substituted the bulky equipment meant to inject dry rounds with wet rounds which were capable of generating their own plasma. However, this drastically reduced ammo capacity. He could fire nearly a thousand rounds before worrying about reloading.

Of course, he wished he could have afforded a real buster rifle. Buster rifles and cannons were capable of creating their own containment fields, giving them effectively infinite ammuntion and relying only on a power source. Maybe he could even afford an arm-cannon one day. Some day...

He looked over to the red armored reploid next to him, "Ready, Chobham?"

The reploid nodded. He carried a smaller plasma pistol and the cream of their crop, a plasma saber.

"Alright. This is the Red Raptors' first run. We're real mercenaries now, boys." Cover said, with a lot more bravado than he felt.

Ahead of him, the driver said back nervously, "Y'all better take care of them. This thing isn't armored or anything."

Cover laughed, "Don't worry, Targe. We'll make sure you don't have anything to worry about."

The finally rolled up to the old bar and gril on the outskirts of the city near the beach. Inside were their targets: Half a dozen minor crime bosses that were muscling a little too far into their employer's territory. It was simple, really. Get in, blow them away and get out. Cover rechecked his rifle one more time. "Alright. Let's go."


Any sane person would have run screaming in the other direction. However Aurora couldn't help but marvel momentairly at the rising plume of fire and smoke. "What is going on?" She muttered to herself.


The grenade had taken the first group out pretty quickly. Cover rushed in through the smoke, letting his optics mark out his targets. He raised his rifle and triggered three rounds, two catching his target in the chest and blowing the human into a pile of smoking carbon.

Beside him, Chobham rushed past triggering a shot from his pistol and catching another mobster in the gut. He doubled over in pain and Chobham was able to easily cut into him with the burning plasma saber. The wild rushing energy ripped a burning chunk from the man, who fell to the ground in two meaty splats.

The two reploids took cover in by a doorway whose door had been blown off its hinges before charging into the next room. More mobsters awaited them and they began to systematically kill them all.


Aurora's sanity was clearly questionable as she hovered near the brick corner watching and listening to the fire fight inside. Maybe it was her pre-programmed fight routines that immunized her from the fear of battle. Maybe it was the fact that it vaguely reminded her of her life at the SG. Maybe it was simple curiousity. Either way, she watched it play out. Little did she know that she had picked the wrong corner of the wrong alley if that was all she had wanted to do.

Two replods burst from the side of the building, and moments after another detonation rocked it. One, with blue armor, turned back to pump some suppression fire behind them as they charged across the street, more or less directly for her. W,what?

Behind her, she heard the rumble of an engine starting. Further down the alley, apparently, was these reploid's getaway vehicle. Pre-emptively, Aurora ducked and hid next to a dumpster.

"I don't think so." She heard another voice, "No one kills my employers without me having something to say about it."


Cover fired a few more rounds behind him, to discourage any pursuit as he and Chobham rushed for the alley that Targe had parked their van.

The two reploids sprinted around the corner and it was only instinct and good reaction time that kept them from getting blown apart. A wave of plasma firepower lanced out at around chest level and Chobham and Cover dived to the sides of the alley. A cyborg of no small proportions held what was effectively a Plasma SMG. "You little punks killed my meal ticket!"

Cover didn't slam into what he expected as he ducked around the dumpster corner. Rather than the hard bricks of the wall past, he ran into the softer figure of a woman. However, considering his bulk and speed, that he didn't crush her immediately clearly told him that this was no ordinary woman. She yeled in surprise but was drowned out due to the SMG's firing.


"What the...?!" The blue reploid yelled, too close to bring his rifle in line. Aurora ignored him momentarily. In just seconds, the cyborg was going to start shooting through the dumpster as the weak sheet metal and rotting trash would not prove to be any kind of barrier. It only took her the barest of split seconds to formulate a plan. She didn't feel nearly competent enough with her magic to blast the cyborg from here but...

"Shoot him, I'll distract him!" Aurora yelled. She didn't wait to see if he understood. She quickly squeezed out from behind him and looked over the dumpster's lip. The cyborg had just replaced the clip in his SMG and was peeking around a buttress in the wall. Seeing her, his aim began to shift but her voice was quicker. An incantation, one of the ones that Shinsei had taught her only what was effectively a day ago, pass thru her lips. Her adaptive matrix was already well versed in simple telekinesis and the barrel of the cyborg's SMG shot skyward. Blasts of plasma began to shoot into the sky as the cyborg reflexively pulled the trigger to try and keep hold of his weapon.

Beside her, the blue armored reploid steadied the rifle across the dumpster and pumped two well aimed shots into the cyborg, exploding his chest cavity in gory fashion.


Cover looked over at the girl who had seemingly wrought magic to control the cyborg's gun. "What the hell was that?"

Behind her, Chobham had his pistol ready to blow the girl's head off. Her eyes turned towards him and with a single word of a language he didn't understand, suddenly his pistol was violently ripped from his hands. She caught it from its arc and looked dangerously towards the both of them. Chobham's eyes grew wide and Cover too was surprised. Who the hell is this?

"What are you guys, some kind of criminals?" The girl asked.

"Mercenaries." Cover corrected instinctually, "But whatever. Let's get out of here, Chobham."

"Wait, mercenaries?" The girl said, her demeanor suddenly shifting. "...Take me with you."

"What?!" Cover asked incredulously.

The sounds of sirens were slowly fading in from the distance. Chobham said quietly in a grave voice, "We need to go."

"Take me with you." The girl repeated, "Trust me, I can handle myself." She accentuated her point by waving the pistol in the air.

"Whatever." Cover said, not wanting to belabor the point, "Let's just go."


Aurora smirked as she climbed into the van after the other two, and the driver exclaimed in dismay, "Who the hell is that?! You guys are picking up chicks while on mission?!"

This was going to be the start of an interesting relationship.


Aurora smirked as she climbed into the van after the other two, and the driver exclaimed in dismay, "Who the hell is that?! You guys are picking up chicks while on mission?!"

This was going to be the start of an interesting relationship.

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