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Omicron City - A New Blade
Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:10pm

Aurora smiled as she settled into the seat. It had been a couple of weeks since she had managed to hook up with Cover, Chobham and Targe but she had managed to survive. The cyborg that had attacked them apparently had a bounty on his head. Going a little obtusively to one of her father's old bounty hunting contacts, she had managed to cash in on it. With her share of the bounty, which wasn't a lot, she had managed to scrap together some basic necessities. Mostly just clothes and access to a recharging station.

Now, however, the four of them would be going on another mission and it was the first time she had seen them since they had split up the bounty money. It had taken a little bit of doing (and another display of her magical abilities) but she had convinced them that she was serious about being a mercenary. If nothing else, it felt comfortable to be back among professional fighters.

"Alrght, listen up." Cover said as he stood at the front of the dilapitated garage they used as a headquarters. "John thought our handiwork last time was just what the Papaceno Family needed but he's not convinced that they've been licked. We're going to be a little extra muscle at the port this evening while one of John's shipments comes in. The pay is marginal but he's promised a bonus if things get hairy and we keep it from getting out of control."

Aurora and Chobham nodded, almost in sync. Cover pressed a button on the console in front of him and a aerial picture of the port showed up on the projector, "We don't want to bring any more heat to the area than necessary so we need to keep any issues as quiet as possible. No grenades, obviously."

"In that vein..." Cover reached behind the table the projector was sitting on and pulled out a small harness and tossed it into Aurora's lap, "We got you a little bit of metal with the down payment, Aurora. Don't make us regret it."

It was a standard flak-jacket, probably only helpful in fending off richochets and blunting impacts but it was better than nothing. In a drop holster though was a eight inch combat knife. It looked like normal tempered steel but good and sharp. It was better than going in punching and kicking! "Thanks." Aurora said, sincerely.


Aurora was clad in a dark gray camo, flak jacket and boots. Her long, lavender hair was tied up behind her so as not to get in the way too much. If she started to really fight, she would probably have to let it down. Whenever she saw her Dad again, she was going to have to ask him whose bright idea it was to install a heat dispersion system that required her hair to be loose.

Nearby, Chobham stood vigilant in his red armor as the dock workers moved the heavy crates out of the shipping container and into the myriad of trucks that were lined up. She knew that Cover was in a nearby building, training them all with his rifle.

Two of John's men stood nearby, puffing on cigarettes they hadn't bothered to offer to share. "I 'unno why the boss thought we would need back up. This is just a routine run." The other man chuckled before readjusting the strap that kept the low-caliber SMG secure.

Aurora frowned on the inside, Famous last words...


Cover tweaked his scope for the umpteenth time. The run seemingly was going smoothly. Which he was thankful for. The new girl, Aurora seemed like she could handle herself just fine but it was a new element. He was a planner by nature. Any element that he couldn't pin down made him just that much more antsy. Maybe I should hope for some action tonight. We'd get to see where her loyalty lies a little more solidly. Not to mention that bonus...

He took another scan around the pier from his roost up in the docking crane control box. It was the highest and best vantage point in the pier. The only thing he noticed were the flicker of lights of a truck that had ground to a halt. On a whim, he pointed his rifle in that direction and sighted down the scope. "...That's a lot of folks for a night shift."

With a thought, he keyed his internal comm, "Aurora, Chobham. I have a truck stopping over on pier six and there's a lot of guys getting off it."


Aurora and Chobham glanced at each other as Cover's comm came through, then looked over in the direction of pier six. John's two thugs noticed their sudden, near synchronus movement and followed their eyes, "What'ch'ya lookin' at?" One of them asked.

Chobham kept quiet but Aurora decided to take a closer look. "Our look out mentioned a truck over in that direction that just stopped. I'm going to take a look."

"...Be careful." Was Chobham's only words.

"Tch, whatever." The thug with the SMG muttered before lighting up another cigarette.

Aurora walked to the edge of the pier they were on, pier three, and peered in the direction of the supposed enemies. With a quick flicker in her mind, she let her optics systems scan the direction. Between the infrared, ultraviolet, multispectral and aura scanners, she'd be able to detect anything shy of a shielded cache.

Sure enough, she came back with signatures that read of weapons grade metal and the appropriate heat signatures for primed plasma weapons. "I'm reading some hardware on those guys, Cover, can you confirm?"

Cover's voice came back, "Wait a sec... Yeah. There we go. I see it. One of them is packing a rifle of some variety. ...When did you pick up a scanner?"

Aurora's hand instinctively went to her combat blade, ignoring Cover's inquiry. "...How do you want to handle it?"

"We need to keep it quiet." Chobham reminded them.

"Right." Aurora said, seemingly nodding to herself, "Let me handle it. Cover, be my Guardian Angel."

"Fine." Cover agreed, "Chobham, try to get them to speed it up a bit. Targe, be ready if we need an evac."

"Huh? ...Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure." Targe's obviously distracted voice came back, "...Almost on level thr-"

Cover's sigh was audible over the comm, "Let's see how that new blade of yours cuts, Aurora."

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